”It’s the season of giving”

From Madonna’s Instagram: “Happy Holidays from Malawi! It’s the season of giving. Please help me with all of these projects! Continue to spread the Revolution of Love! http/ #revolutionoflove #artforfreedom”

Saturday Night Fever

Madonna teased on what was soon becoming her surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night by posting this selfie on her Instagram: “Saturday Night Fever!!” Later on, she took out her phone right...

Revenge Just Happens

From Madonna’s Instagram: “……….if you don’t like it then go fuck yourself. Don’t take it out on me” love Tracey Emins!”

GO Inside

From Madonna’s Instagram: “Your church, your Mosque. Your Synagogue, your garden. The sea, the desert, your Heart and ask GOD to give you what you need not what want!”