The Japanese discography for commercial full vinyl albums is also quite short as cds replaced this format already in 1989. Like A Prayer is indeed the last album to be released in vinyl format pressed in Japan. With any doubts the highlights of this collection are the three limited edition picture discs re-releases of the first three albums that reached Japanese music store in May 1987. Counterfeit copies of these three items were put on the market in the late 80's but can be easily spotted as the originals do have a clear rim while the copies have a black rim.
We also put in the vinyl for the Vision Quest soundtrack, released in mid 1985 on the CBS/Sony label and that contains the songs Crazy for You and The Gambler, which are later rereleased in Japan in 1987 on the La Isla Bonita super mix maxi on the Warner/pioneer label.



Madonna - Japanese 12" Albums (1983-1989)

00-00-1983 - P-11394
- Madonna
00-11-1984 - P-13033 - Like A Virgin
00-06-1985 - 28AP3000 - Vision Quest - OST
25-07-1986 - P-13310 - True Blue
25-08-1987 - P-13544 - Who's That Girl
10-12-1987 - P-13514 - You Can Dance
25-05-1987 - P-15002 - The First Album - Limited picture disc release
25-05-1987 - P-15003 - Like A Virgin - Limited picture disc release
25-05-1987 - P-15004 - True Blue - Limited picture disc release
09-04-1989 - 21P1-2650 - Like A Prayer


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