Starting November 2005, Warner Music Japan, started reissuing Madonna's classic albums that were long gone on the Japanese market. On November 23th 2005 the first seven titles were issued as part of the long running Forever Young Series at the special price of 1.800 yen, that after a limited period was retouched to 2.000 yen. The first bunch of titles included the first three album in their remastered versions - "Madonna", "Like A Virgin", "True Blue" - plus "Who's That Girl", "You Can Dance", "Like a Prayer" and "I'm Breathless".


A second bunch of reissued albums were released on the Japanese market on July 27th 2006. They were "Erotica", "Bedtime Stories" and the single disc of "Evita", the one with the best selections from the film's soundtrack. For some reasons the Best Ballads album "Something To Remember" has been left out of the series. These three titles also carried the Forever Young sticker and obi but were the last ones to be featured in this classic reissue series as the following ones are part of the Greatest Hits Reissue Series.


August 6th 2006 sees the re-release of some more Madonna classic albums on cd. "Ray of Light", "Music", "The Immaculate Collection", "GHV2" and "American Life".
They all come with consecutive catalogue numbers for a price of 1,980 yen each.


All these albums are back in production in Japan for a limited time and prices may vary after initial release date. Check below for the complete list of Madonna reissued albums available.



Madonna - Japanese 5" CD reissue Albums (2005-2006)

23-11-2005 - WPCR-75119
- Forever Young Series - Madonna
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75120 - Forever Young Series - Like A Virgin (Remastered)
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75121 - Forever Young Series - True Blue (Remastered)
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75122 - Forever Young Series - Who's That Girl
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75123 - Forever Young Series - You Can Dance
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75124 - Forever Young Series - Like A Prayer
23-11-2005 - WPCR-75125 - Forever Young Series - I'm Breathless
26-07-2006 - WPCR-75217 - Forever Young Series - Erotica
26-07-2006 - WPCR-75218 - Forever Young Series - Bedtime Stories
26-07-2006 - WPCR-75219 - Forever Young Series - Evita (Single Disc)
06-08-2006 - WPCR-12421 - Reissue 2006 Series - Ray Of Light (Slim Case)
06-08-2006 - WPCR-12422 - Reissue 2006 Series - Music
06-08-2006 - WPCR-12423 - Reissue 2006 Series - The Immaculate Collection
06-08-2006 - WPCR-12424 - Reissue 2006 Series - GHV2
06-08-2006 - WPCR-12425 - Reissue 2006 Series - American Life
05-09-2007 - WPCR-13045 - Reissue 2007 Series - The Immaculate Collection