Starting November 2005, Warner Music Japan, started reissuing Madonna's classic albums that were long gone on the Japanese market. On November 23th 2005 the first seven titles were issued as part of the long running Forever Young Series at the special price of 1.800 yen, that after a limited period was retouched to 2.000 yen. The first bunch of titles included the first three album in their remastered versions - "Madonna", "Like A Virgin", "True Blue" - plus "Who's That Girl", "You Can Dance", "Like a Prayer" and "I'm Breathless".


August 6th 2006 sees the re-release of some more Madonna classic albums on cd. "Ray of Light", "Music", "The Immaculate Collection", "GHV2" and "American Life".
They all come with consecutive catalogue numbers for a price of 1,980 yen each.



Madonna - Japanese 12" Maxi Vinyls (1985-1987)

10-02-1985 - P-6206
- Like A Virgin and other big hits
25-07-1985 - P-5199 - Material Girl Ep
10-12-1985 - P-5202 - Dress you up / Ain't No Big Deal
18-07-1986 - P-3603 - Papa Don't Preach
10-11-1986 - P-6244 - True Blue Ep
25-05-1987 - P-6260 - La Isla Bonita Super Mix
10-11-1987 - P-5226 - Causing A Commotion
Released 1986 - 13MM-7031 - Cosmic Climb
Released 1986 - 13MM-7042 - Wild Dancing