With this article we are going to take a look at Madonna singles and Maxi Singles that were released in Japan as 5" discs from 1984 to 1997.

In the mid eighties, when in Europe cds were still seen as a novelty, Japan was already commercially distributing albums and maxi singles on that format as well.

Aside the first three albums,Warner Pioneer released 4 compilations or EPs of Madonna remixes with track listings unique to Japan with the intention of grouping together in fewer releases the extended versions available in Usa and in Europe

The first compilation, released in 1985, is called Like A Virgin and Other Big Hits, and contains the Jellybean Extended Version of the title track, Borderline, Lucky Star plus the album version of Holiday.

The second compilation from 1985 is mainly a Maxi single of Dress You Up with two mixes of the song, the album version of Shoo Bee Doo and Ain't No Big Deal

The third compilation cd comes in 1986 and is called Super Club Mix. It contains remixes of the singles off the True Blue album released so far (Live To Tell Instrumental, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue) and a Dub Version and Extended Version of Madonna's first single Everybody.

The fourth compilation of remixes on cd is called La Isla Bonita Super Mix and along the Extended and Instrumental version of the title track, the extended version of Open Your Heart, it also contains Gambler and Crazy For You from the film Vision Quest for the first time published on a Sire/Warner compilation.

The original issues of these first four compilations, now extremely scarce, were also marketed as "Export Prohibited" on the back of the coloured Obi strip.


Two Maxi singles are released from the Like A Prayer album in 1990. One is the famous Remixed Prayers, with 5 remixes of "Prayer", including Shep Pettibone's dance mix and the Churchapella version and 3 mixes of Express Yourself.

The other is Keep It Together - Ep with 6 remixes of the song and an extended version of Cherish. Two of the Keep It Together remixes are only available on cd on this release. The Dub version and Bonus Beats tracks can be found on the Us vinyl Maxi but not on the Us cd Maxi.

Keep it Together was released as a single in Japan and Usa only.


In April 1990 the first four EP's, that were limited and have been out of print for some time, are re-released with same track lists but with a different colour obi strip and a new catalogue number.


Next maxis in the collection are Vogue Ep, also including remixes of Hanky Panky and Rescue Me - Alternate Mix with various versions of Rescue Me and Justify My Love.


In 1992 Warner-Pioneer becomes Warner Music Japan. All previous maxi singles and albums are reprinted with the new logo. The end of 1992 sees two releases: Erotica - Remixes and Material Girl EP, one of the early vinyl only maxi singles with Material Girl and Angel (Extended Versions) and Into The Groove, released in cd format in Japan for the first time.

In 1993 two more unique compilations are out on the Japanese market. Deeper and Deeper - Ep with various mixes of the song plus some additional remixes of Erotica and Rain - Ep with remixes of Rain, Fever, Waiting, Bad Girl and Up Down Suite.


With the next Madonna album, Bedtime Stories (1994), two more unique compilations are distribuited in Japan.
Secret - The Remixes contains 8 versions of the song with a cover photo artwork totally exclusive to the country and Take A Bow - Remixes, with 6 mixes of the title track including the rare Silky Soul Instrumental commercially available only on this release. Two versions of Bedtime Story that was not a single in Japan are also included.


With the two cd singles from the ballad collection Something To Remember (1995), track lists of these maxi cds become idetical to German singles, losing part of what made these Japanese releases so special and unique.

You'll See and One More Chance have indeed same songs as on cds in Europe.


Three are the singles from Madonna's greatest cinematic experience, Evita, and follow the same path of European releases. The first one is You Must Love Me while the second one is Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Remixes with the nice Miami Mixes by Pablo Flores. A tidbit on this cd is that on the back cover one of the mixes is miscredited as "Maimi" instead of "Miami".

Another Suitcase In Another Hall is the third and final cd single from the Evita Soundtrack and has become quite scarce now.


In August 1987 Warner put on the market The Collectors series. All of Madonna's maxi singles from "Like A Virgin" to "Take A Bow" are re-released at a special lower price in a slim case (up till now all maxi were housed in album jewel cases), with a new catalogue number. The original releases were of course put out of production.

Madonna - Japanese 5" Cds Discography

Like A Virgin and Other Big Hits - 1984 Original release
28XD-456 Dress You Up/Ain't No Big Deal - 1985 Original release
28XD-533 Super Club Mixes Ep - 1986 Original release
28XD-713 La Isla Bonita Super Mix - 1987 Original release
20P-2900 Remixed Prayers
WPCP-3200 Keep It Together
WPCP-3437 Like A Virgin and Other Big Hits - 1990 re-release
WPCP-3438 Dress You Up/Ain't No Big Deal - 1990 re-release
WPCP-3439 Super Club Mixes Ep - 1990 re-release
WPCP-3440 La Isla Bonita Super Mix - 1990 re-release
WPCP-3698 Vogue Ep
WPCP-4100 Rescue Me Alternate Mix
WPCP-5150 Erotica Remixes
WPCP-5163 Material Girl Ep
WPCP-5244 Deeper And Deeper Ep
WPCP-5644 Rain Ep
WPCR-170 Secret Remixes
WPCR-191 Take A Bow Remixes
WPCR-556 You'll See
WPCR-572 One More Chance
WPCR-841 You Must Love Me
WPCR-947 Don't Cry For Me Argentina Remixes
WPCR-967 Another Suitcase In Another Hall
WPCR-1501 Collectors Series - Like A Virgin and Other Big Hits
WPCR-1502 Collectors Series - Dress You Up/Ain't No Big Deal
WPCR-1503 Collectors Series - Super Club Mixes Ep
WPCR-1504 Collectors Series - La Isla Bonita Super Mix
WPCR-1505 Collectors Series - Remixed Prayers
WPCR-1506 Collectors Series - Keep It Together
WPCR-1507 Collectors Series - Vogue Ep
WPCR-1508 Collectors Series - Rescue Me Alternate Mix
WPCR-1509 Collectors Series - Material Girl Ep
WPCR-1510 Collectors Series - Erotica Remixes
WPCR-1511 Collectors Series - Deeper And Deeper Ep
WPCR-1512 Collectors Series - Rain Ep
WPCR-1513 Collectors Series - Secret Remixes
WPCR-1514 Collectors Series - Take A Bow Remixes

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