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As the Madonna Tour heat starts getting hot again, it's time to add another great chat to the MadonnaTribe collection of interviews with the on-stage family of the Queen of Pop. Straight from Madonna's latest adventure around the world, here is Jaron Boyd a.k.a. Prince Jron sharing his memories of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in this interview written and conducted by MTribe's longtime friend and contributor from Germany djcooky. Enjoy!

Welcome to MadonnaTribe Jaron and thanx for taking the time to answer our questions, happy belated birthday first of all!

How did you get in touch with Madonna to perform on her Sticky & Sweet tour? Did you audition?
How did you find out that she was in search of dancers?

While I was in Chicago, I got a call from my manager telling me about the audition in L.A. at the last minute. So I took the chance and book a flight for the following day, along with my FootworKINGz partners King Charles & TeeJay. We went to the audition with hopes to get the opportunity to showcase our style of dance "Chicago Footwork" to Madonna. We were so excited and full of energy.

Quoting Madonna "I always kept hiring the most untrained people".
What´s your response to that? ;-)

Well, I was never trained as a professional dancer. I used to just freestyle and battle with my crew for fun. Madonna was my 1st audition & Job booked. It was my 1st time actually ever stepping into a dance studio & my 1st time learning chorography. It opened a whole new world to me. While on the road, I learned how to be professional and do different dance styles. It was a real big learning experience. It helped evolve me into the amazing dancer I am today. Even though before, I wasn’t professionally trained, I always danced with my heart and became one with the music.

Going way back before touring with Madonna, tell us what you knew about her legacy so far. What album you were familiar with, from what background you came along?

Well of course, I knew Madonna & Michael Jackson to be The Top icons of All Time. Before the tour, I didn’t know every album of her lol, but growing up I heard some of her songs on tv. But after the tour, I definitely now know A LOT MORE Madonna songs!

We remember that your friend  Ant Boogie used to share a lot of videos on his Youtube Channel, so did you on
I like your video when you danced in Berlin at the Olympic torch!

Yeah, Me and Ant Boogie used to share a lot videos. We want to document and show some of the things that we experienced on tour. We went to so many amazing places, met amazing people, and did so much amazing stuff that we wanted to save the memories and share them with you all.
Also, it was my 1st time visiting most of the places we traveled to, so I tried to document and dance everywhere I can think of to help inspire other dancers, who dream of dancing around the world.

MadonnaTribe meets Prince Jron - 1

Do you wanna share a special moment from the Sticky & Sweet tour? Election night?

It was so many special moments on tour. For me performing at the United Center in my hometown, Chicago was so precious. I had my manager, mom, grandmother, my uncle along with his wife, and few members from my dance crew in the audience.
They were so proud and happy to see me on stage doing my dream. It was a very emotional show for me having them there to see all of my hard work. It was definitely a night I will always remember.

In the meantime you seemed to have brought your dance project forward and you even taught some classes in Russia.
Am I right? So how is work with really young ones? Is there some adoration because you have been on the road with Madonna?

Yes, we have been spreading our dance style. We have been teaching all genders and ages  world wide. Some of the places we have taught is Russia, France, Belgium, England, Helsinki, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. We have been inspiring others to go after their goals and dreams in life.

Please pick your favourite Madonna song, album and video and tell us about your choice...

My Favorite song, album, and video is Celebration. Celebration was my 1st music video with the Queen! I was so happy to have a chance to showcase our "Chicago Footwork" style of dance in the video. I love the song! In fact, I loved the song so much that before every show I would pump the crowd up on stage to it, with Paul Oakenfold. It always gave me an extra energy boost before the show.

As you already told me, that Duesseldorf (Germany) was special to you, tell us why and what do you appreciate about the German fans? (There is more to German Beer *lol*)

I'm a laid back person, and when I was in Duesseldorf the energy there was pretty peaceful. I had time to clear my mind and relax there. The people there was very nice and friendly to me and I also got my “Hood Society Bracelet” from Swarvoski there. Which started a bond on tour with Ant Boogie, King Charles, & Hypnosis. We all got our bracelets from different parts of the world. Lol check this video out!

MadonnaTribe meets Prince Jron - 2
MadonnaTribe meets Prince Jron - 3

Was there a show that had completely gone wrong to your opinion? Because of bad weather, lame audience or for whatever reason?

In my opinion we didn’t experience a bad show. Every show was amazing to me. Rainy or sunny weather, we always gave it our all on stage. Being able to do my passion on stage and seeing people enjoy it was always fulfilling. Every show was fun and filled with high energy.

How close were you with the other dancers? Did you become close friends?Is there anyone you´re still in contact with besides Ant? What about "crazy" Hypnosis? ;-)

Everybody to me is family with much love and respect for each other. We all had special bonds with one another and that made us a perfect team. Teamwork is always key to great things. I always contact everybody to make sure everyone is doing well. We all see each other from time to time.

Where do you see yourself in five years? (I know that's a standard question...)

Five years from now, I see myself opening up a dance school with my partner King Charles. Inspiring while teaching others how to evolve their passion and help them conquer their dreams. I still see myself dancing and choreographing numerous works with major artists.

In retrospective, what are your feelings about hitting the road with Madonna? 
A lifetime experience? Travelling the world?

Hitting the road with Madonna was a life changing experience. It not only made me a better dancer, but a better person as well. It open my mind to so many other aspects of life. Being able to see the world, learn about different cultures, meet and travel wit such talented amazing people is truly priceless. A dream come true!

Good luck Jaron and we really feel special that you took your time to answer these questions.

MadonnaTribe meets Prince Jron - 4

Interview written and conducted by Basti aka djcooky for MadonnaTribe.

Please get in touch with 'Prince Jron' Jaron Boyd on: 

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