Idol, in collaboration with our correspondent from Russia, Pasha, presents an interview to superstar dee-jay Peter Rauhofer.
Rauhofer - who visited Russia last May 21 to play his dj set at a local club called Gaudi - was interviewed by Dj Sasha for radio "Monte-Carlo 102.1 FM".

Journalist Denis Zaharov, a very big fan of Madonna, had also the chance to ask seven questions to Peter about his work with the Queen of Pop.

Please note that what follows was retranslated into English from a Russian transcript of the Interview.


Denis Zaharov: Peter, tell me, how did you get in touch with Madonna?

Peter Rauhofer: It was easy.
I received a call from Madonna's record label, they told me that Madonna wanted to listen to some of my mixes.

After she listened to some of my work she personally told me: "Ok, I want you to remix my song Nothing Really Matters" , and that was my first work for Madonna.

DZ: So did she like your mix immediately?

PR: To be honest, I wanted her to like my work so much, that I made five different mixes of Nothing Reallt Matters and asked her to choose the one she liked the best. I thought to myself, if I make only one remix and she doesn't like it, she will never work with me again.

But she liked all my mixes for the song and they ended up on the single. It was really cool!

DZ: Do you meet her often?

PR: No. She does not come to the studio, or sits there, she sends the material. But of course she listens to the final work.
She's very easy to talk to and she always respects the Dj, but she has to have the final word. And that is quite fair.

DZ: Now that she has started a new tour, did she ask you to work on material to be used there? New arrangements of old songs or something?

PR: No, not for the tour. But she has asked me to remix her old songs Into the Groove and Erotica.
I've also finished a remix of "Mother and Father" as well, which might be the next single this summer.

DZ: What do you know about a supposed new Madonna album? Does she have any plans?

PR: As fas as I know, she would like to put out a record before the end of 2004.
She worked on some material with Patrick Leonard and the style of the album will remind of a broadway musical.
Madonna will surprise her fans as she always does!

DZ: Now tell me, does Madonna have a favourite remix among the ones you did of her songs?

PR: Yes. She likes the work I did on "Impressive Instant".

DZ: By the way why wasn't "Impressive Instant" released as a single?

PR: Well, it's a bit complicated when the choices of the artist and the ones of the record company don't match.
Madonna wanted that song as the last single from the album "Music", but Warner had other plans and release further singles.

Due to this situation, the remixes I made remained promo only for "in-house" use.

But I think that soon they might be released.

During the tour or maybe soon after, Madonna will release an album of best remixes, and my two mixes of "Impressive Instant" might be included.


Interview by Denis Zaharov.

Special thanks to Madonna Tribe correspondent from Russia, Pasha
M-Girl/Dj Sasha/Radio Montecarlo


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