In 2003 she's been making the transition from DJ to studio Producer and Remixer with "Nothing Fails".
Here's DJ Jackie Christie talking about her style, her projects and Madonna.

Madonna Tribe had recently the privilege to interview Jackie Christie, one of New York's coolest dj, and also the girl who remixed Madonna's latest single Nothing Fails and gave fans a new energetic rendition of Madonna's beautiful love ballad.

Jackie's remix of Nothing Fails, called "Jackie's In Love In The Club Mix", is available as one of the exclusive tracks of the American and European Maxi Single release of the song.

Jackie was a mere 16 years old when she first stepped behind the instruments that would take her around the world - the infamous two turntables. Needless to say, Jackie Christie was born to be a DJ.

In the early nineties, Jackie left her hometown of Detroit and set her sites on the home to the worlds best known DJs, New York City. She made her New York debut alongside DJ/producer Danny Tenaglia. Jackie landed her first New York City residency at the famed Limelight.

Christie caught the attention of the MTV network. Looking to add more credibility to their program The Grind, MTV asked Jackie to come on board. Originally hired as the show's DJ, the network soon took notice of her poise and broadcasting skills and replaced their supermodel hosts with the equally camera friendly DJ.

Last year Jackie Christie has been making the transition from DJ to studio Producer and Remixer with "Nothing Fails", Madonna's third single from the "American Life" album which saw release Nov 23.

The song was #1 on the Billboard Dance Sales chart (the chart that matters as it is based on sound scan sales) and recently on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play.

And now here's what Jackie told exclusively to Madonna Tribe about her style, her projects and Madonna.

MTribe: You were 16 years old when you started working at the mixing desk. Did you have the feeling that it was going to be a full time job from the beginning, or what happened next was sort of unexpected?

Jackie: I still remember the first time I DJ'ed it was real fun for me. I loved music so much and I was asked to DJ because my love for music showed, to the person who ran a mobile DJ company.
To find myself here in New York just finishing a Madonna remix and still DJing is a trip!

MTribe: What is the genre of music you like the most and how much of what you like is reflected in your work as a remixer and in the style of your mixes?

Jackie: I really like dance music from house to disco, funk, Motown, pop, hip-hop, and rock. I love it all! I want my music to reflect my deep respect for music. I hope to touch people especially if they don't care for dance music.

MTribe: There are a lot female Djs in clubs around the world spinning records, but there aren't much female djs known as remixers, that do officially commissioned mixes for major artists. How do feel being up there with Tracy Young and a few more?

Jackie: Great! I have many goals for myself and as long as I can I will continue to focus on music.

MTribe: You once spinned in front of 15.000 people here in Italy, can you tell us more about your experience with the Italian crowds?

Jackie: I Love the Discotec in Italy!!! The people go out with such style and have so much appreciation for the music and like to dance. Always a great experience.

MTribe: Tell us more about the artists you have remixed, do you have any personal favorite?

Jackie: Yoko Ono's "Open Your Box" was a exciting project, her original band for that song was the Beatles. I also remixed Kung Pow "are You A DJ" and I have to say Madonna is my Favorite remix.

MTribe: Nothing Fails is your first Madonna official commissioned mix, did you remix her work before "unofficially" for your private collection?

Jackie: I love to make my own mix of artist and Madonna is so huge every where that it's great fun to mix her up.

MTribe: How were you approached to remix Madonna's next single? was it totally unexpected? Can we expect more Jackie's mixes of her songs in the future?

Jackie: I asked to remix "Nothing Fails" I really liked this song on her latest album. So when I got to work on her song it was very exciting and I am so glad she approved my mix! I really hope to add my flavor to more Madonna remixes.

MTribe: Tell us more about the remix you did, and what is the idea you wanted to develop.

Jackie: I wanted it to be a mainfloor mix with a big choir breakdown so you felt the magic of the Madonna and the choir, like church.

MTribe: Was it hard to turn a ballad into a club mix?

Jackie: I had no problem. I had my ideas for this song before I walked in the studio.

MTribe: Did you use only Madonna's vocals, or there were any other samples from the original track?

Jackie: I used Madonna's vocals and the choir.

MTribe: Speaking of Madonna, do you usually play her mixes in clubs, and how do people respond to them?

Jackie: Madonna's music has always packed a dancefloor. Sometimes you can do a theme based around Madonna songs. I Love to play her remixes that are made for big dancefloors.

MTribe: Which are your Madonna favorite remixers?

Jackie: I like what Peter Rauhofer has been doing and also Victor Calderone.

MTribe: You already released some very cool compilations, and now you're working on some original material, can you tell us about that and your future projects? What should we expect from Jackie soon?

Jackie: I am in the process of working on an album that will be out on Motema Records. I have written a few songs over the years and the time has come for me to put them together. The project will be a collective album of different musicians working together to create a dance journey for body and soul.
Please stayed tuned!

MadonnaTribe would like to thank Jackie for for being a great remixer and great, friendly person.
Be sure to visit Jackie's website at

Copyrigth 2004 MadonnaTribe


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