Donna De Lory is much more than Madonna's longtime back singer. She's a talented singer and author, and an incredible friend to all her fans. Donna performed a series of solo shows and attended a few in-store signings during her days off along the Re-Invention Tour last summer.
Everyone who met her was enchanted, and the MadonnaTribe Team was among those lucky fans.


One of the nicest memories we have from the "Madonna week in Paris" at the beginning of September was meeting Madonna's longtime friend and backing singer Donna De Lory at her private showcase at the Yoga Center in Paris on September 3rd. The event - a Yoga Class followed by extended meditation performance - gathered some of Donna's most affectionate European fans that were very happy to finally meet her.


As Donna herself told the selected public, she chose to spend her day off from the tour to share her music with people, presenting her latest album, a collection of songs sung in Sanscript called The Lover & The Beloved.

At the Samasthiti Studio in Paris Donna played two songs in English and three mantras from her new album.

She also premiered a new song she wrote in French, inspired by friend Mylène Farmer with whom Donna worked as backing singer on the Mylène Farmer 1996 tour.

The song is titled Eternité. Donna explained that she still has to fix some of the French lyrics, but the public cheered her telling her French is perfect, and it's very fluent indeed.

We also had the chance to have an exclusive interview with Donna about her re-Invention tour experience that we're very happy and proud to present you here.


M-Tribe: Hi Donna, welcome to MadonnaTribe. As part of the artistic team of this tour what is the main difference between the re-Invention tour and the previous Drowned world tour?

Donna: The re-Invention tour was a lot more positive and Madonna was happy to do many of her hits. I felt the show was created with the fans in mind. The Drowned World Tour was a lot darker and more introspective. The over all look of the show was moody and dark to me.

M-Tribe: This Madonna tour was certainly different for you because you had your beautiful daughter with you. How did she change your tour experience?

Donna: Having Sofia with me was such a joy. I found myself hanging out in parks and museums instead of clubs. After the shows, I would race back to the hotel and put her to bed. Having her there gave me such a feeling of comfort, a feeling of home. There were times when she stayed home and I remembered how lonely the road can be.


M-Tribe: Now that the re-Invention tour has ended, what is your fondest personal memory of it?

Donna: I loved walking around charming Amsterdam with Sofia, my friend Lynn and my boyfriend Rob. The weather was so beautiful as we walked along the canals with so much history around us. It was a time that I never wanted to end.

Another very special evening was playing at the yoga center in Paris. I felt such a oneness with everyone there. I was happy to have shared such a personal experience on my day off from the Madonna show.

M-Tribe: How do you feel by singing your own music, with songs and mantras in Sanscrit and being onstage with Madonna few hours later?

Donna: Playing my music always centers me, reminds me of who I am. This recent CD of mantras is truly a meditative experience for me when I play it. I hope it is for everyone else as well. Getting out and sharing my music always strengthens my performance with Madonna. It makes me feel more at peace and gives me a sense of unity with the audience.

M-Tribe: Why did you choose to sing in Sanscrit?

Donna: I felt a great peace after chanting the Mantras with a friend of mine in his group.


A few years ago, I started to incorporate them into my songs and live performances.
I am so moved by the meaning and intention behind these mantras of love, unity, peace, and most of all, a great humility for life and the creator.


M-Tribe: You have just released a remix album of the songs of your last album.
What are these new versions adding to the original songs that are so particular to begin with?

Donna: This CD was originally made for radio stations. The record company Ajna and I thought that everyone else who loved the Lover and the Beloved would enjoy
having them as well. These remixes are different DJ's interpretations of the songs.

M-Tribe: We had the chance to meet you at the Yoga center in Paris and we were enchanted by your own music and your great voice. You previewed there a song dedicated to French singer Mylène Farmer that you worked with in the past.
Can you tell us more about this song?

Donna: It is called, Eternité. I was inspired to write this from being part of Mylène's music. I wrote the music and the words.
Some people were confused that night that Mylène wrote the song. I would love to hear her sing it.

M-Tribe: Everyone we met - and ourselves too - were so impressed by how nice and gentle you are to fans! What do you feel when meeting fans?

Donna: I love to be able to share my music in such an intimate way. I feel such warmth from the fans and I am always so blown away by the support and love they give to me. That is why I sing and I am so thankful for this gift that I can share!!!


: Any scoop or behind the scenes stories that you would like to share from the re-Invention tour?

Donna: This is the hardest question so far. Oh, at some of the shows in Europe, Madonna was told to get off the stage after sound check so the crowd could start to come in.

She was not ready yet so they started to let people in while we were rehearsing on stage because the seating was first come first serve.

I wondered how everyone would react when they saw her there but they were fighting so hard for their place in the front that they did not see her.

I couldn't believe it!!! There she was out of costume with no make up and they could not see her. She was eventually escorted off the stage easily by her body guards.

M-Tribe: Thank you Donna for sharing your nicest summer memories with MadonnaTribe readers

Donna: Thank you for your support as always!! I'll see you soon.


MadonnaTribe would like to thank the amazing Donna De Lory for the love and care she donates in this interview and for sharing her precious time with the Tribe.
Special thanks to Patty and Paul at Donna's Official Dream Team for their help and assistance.

Check out more about Donna at her official website and keep in touch with the world of her supporting fans at where you'll also find Donna's cds and merchandise at their online store.

Can't wait to meet you again, Donna!

Copyright 2005 MadonnaTribe


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