What happens when a Madonna fan becomes a pop sensation in his own right?
MadonnaTribe has had the pleasure to meet Ari Gold, the boy from the Bronx who has turned himself into a successful pop/R&B singer and a rising music star, that will be sharing with our readers what it feels for a fan.
Ari will be discussing with us how people like Madonna had an influence on the world in which we live in, in this exclusive interview which also premieres his brand new photoshoot, done during Ari's recent European Tour, in charge of Marco Carocari.


MadonnaTribe: Hello Ari, welcome to
Madonna Tribe.
ou began your career as a child vocalist singing on hundreds of jingles, doing various animated voices and back-up singing for the likes of Diana Ross.

What are your memories from those early years?

Ari Gold: I loved singing jingles and I loved being able to leave school to do them.
I didn't love always having to catch up on my schoolwork though and I went to a double curriculum Yeshiva (Jewish Parochial school) so it was hard sometimes.

MT: Is there a particular work you did then that you still treasure?

AG: I definitely loved doing the voice of Bannee on the cartoon series "Jem and the Holograms".

'Cause I was already a fan of the show before I got the gig. I also loved doing the voice of Sybil Sadie for the Cabbage Patch Kids Records.

Diana Ross told me that my solo was her favorite and she didn't even know that I sang it until I told her!

MT: You've changed your look and style quite a few times over the years.
How important is a cool look to you and how would you describe your own style?

AG: People do say that I'm a chameleon in photographs.

Funny thing is I don't feel like I always do that much to change my look. I just end up looking different all the time. I guess I have one of those faces. I think Madonna has that quality too.


But I do like fashion and I do like cool clothes and sometimes its fun to wear things in a shoot or a show that I wouldn't normally wear in everyday life.
I call my look, "shtetle fabulous!" It's sort of a hodge podge of hip-hop, gay boy fashion and downtown NY style.

MT: You described the song "Fan-tastic" on your latest album as "an ode to gay divas and Madonna in particular".
Can you tell us more about that particular song, that starts with the same lyrics of "Lucky Star", and what it represents to you?

: Well, I wanted to write a song to express how important someone like Madonna has been to someone like me.
I mean, I'd probably still be lost in Yeshiva somewhere if Madonna hadn't shown me that it was OK to be gay and to love who I love. And she inspired me to not be afraid and do what it is that I love no matter what.


Gay men have a very deep relationship to our divas and its not something we need to take lightly!

It's a very real part of our development. So I kind of feel as though I've incorporated her into my being and now her image is like a guardian angel to me. That's why the song starts with "You must be my lucky star." I know it's something a lot of people can relate to.

MT: Madonna has been a role model for many people, you can say she basically tells people to believe in their dreams and work hard to reach a goal in life. In what way she has influenced you?

AG: I really hadn't heard anything about gay people until Madonna.
She definitely taught me that it was OK to express myself sexually any way that I wanted as long as it was consensual between adults. There was a point to everything she did. She made statements with her music and videos.

MT: You happened to actually meet Madonna backstage at the Rosie O'Donnel show.
How did exactly happen and how was it like?

AG: I wish it was more than it was! My friend worked on the show, I told her I liked her boots and she said "thank you" in that typical Madonna voice. Of course it made my day but I'm sure she doesn't even remember!

She is as tiny as they say she is. It's pretty cool cause she appears so much larger than life in her photos and on stage and in video. I'm only 5.9 myself so I can relate to that! People often think I'.m going to be a lot bigger in person.


MT: Another thing you share with Madonna, other than the Rosie Show, is an appearance on W Magazine.
You've been on countless magazines in the last few years, how does it feel becoming so popular and how do you deal with that success?

AG: Your good pointing out those Madonna parallels!
My therapist does the same thing to me. He's always like, "how do you think Madonna would have handled this situation."

I feel incredibly grateful for all the success I have had but I also feel like its very much deserved cause I work really hard and everything I have achieved I've done on my own without the help of a major record label.

So that's pretty cool. I set out years ago to be this gay pop star when everybody told me I should go in the closet. So to be able to be who I am and say what I say and have the fans respond so positively is the best reward I could get.


MT: In your music video "Wave of you", you pay homage not only to Madonna's "Cherish" but to the art of late photographer Herb Ritts.

How did that idea come up?

AG: Well, I was discussing the concept of the video with my director, Guy Guido and I wanted to do something black and white on the beach because of the lyrics of the song. I thought it would be a great way of making a beautiful video without a huge budget.
He then came up with the idea of doing it as an homage to Herb Ritts and I've always been a fan of his work so I thought it was a great idea - especially since he had past away.

I also think its cool that we made his work even more queer than it already was cause he was gay but basically his work was done for mainstream audiences... so we sort of brought out the queer elements to it.

MT: Did something funny happen on the set of the video?

: We had a blast shooting it.
I do remember being on the beach shooting the video and then I think these guys got jealous that we were shooting a video so they started shooting their own video right next to us.

It was really funny.

MT: What do you like the most in Herb Ritts photos?

AG: The images are so classic. The natural lighting and environment, the sensuality of them...

MT: If you could pick a Madonna song up to cover on your next album, which one would you choose?
A classic? Your favourite song?

: Well, I already sing some of "Lucky Star" in my live version of "Give Me All Your Love."

I also used to do an acoustic version of "To Have and Not To Hold" off of "Ray of Light" which always got a really great response from the audience.

At the end of that song I would sing a part of "La Isla Bonita" cause it has a similar "ba ba da ba ba" thing that she does.
I don't know if I can pick a favorite song but "Like a Prayer" is my favorite Madonna album. I love the song "The Look Of Love" from the "Who's That Girl" soundtrack and my favorite concert is The Girlie Show.

MT: You've been recenlty touring European clubs to promote your record.
You've been to France, Switzerland and Italy.
What is the difference between European audiences and Us ones? Did you have a good time touring Europe?

AG: Europeans have an appreciation for music and art that you don't see anywhere else in the world.

I was treated so well in Europe - it was amazing. I think that audiences in Europe are more open to things that they might not have heard before. I think in the States people get too caught up in numbers and charts.

MT: What is the future holding for Ari? What are your future projects as an artist?

AG: Aside from writing material for my next album, I also working on a live album which I'm really excited about cause I think there's an energy to my live shows with my band that I really want to capture on CD.

I'm also working on a coffee table picture book - more Madonna tour book than Sex book, though!


And a documentary about my life called "The Making Of a Gay Pop Star." I guess its my own "Truth or Dare"!
You know I don't always think about all the Madonna parallels but just doing this interview makes me realize how many more there really are!

: You're working hard to realize your dreams, what advice would you give to young people that still don't know how to put together their aspirations?

: Everything is a process and a journey.
You might not see results right away but if you keep working hard you will eventually see a pay off. You don't always see how what you do affects people.
The most important is to just keep working at it. The only reason to do it is cause you love it - everything else is gravy. Release all expectations

: How would describe Ari Gold in one word?

AG: Golden!

MT: Thanks for sharing your time with us!

AG: Thank you!


MadonnaTribe would like to thank Ari and wish him the best of luck for a golden career in show business.
Special thanks to Rich Overton for his precious help and assistance

For every information about Ari please visit his official website at

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