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MadonnaTribe brings its readers back to the days of this summer's Confessions Tour madness with a series of exclusive interviews, reports, photos and articles coming online for the very first time. Just as we did last year, we will be regularly adding features to this Idol issue - that we have titled "Confessions Rewind" - to bring you behind the scenes and on stage of this amazing show with in depth interviews and incredible photos.

We would also invite all of you talented photographers, brilliant writers and fun-loving Madonna fans - to be active part of this issue sending in reports, articles and essays you would like to see featured on this Issue #5 of the Idol by writing to our usual email address, share@madonnatribe.com.

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When the MadonnaTribe team met Madonna's Confessions Tour backing singer Nicki Richards in Paris last August we left with the mutual promise of sitting down for a nice chat about her carrer and her tour experience with M, as soon as the tour would have ended. And here we go...


The MadonnaTribe Team had the chance to meet the creative team at STEELE, for a great chat on the post production work on "Future Lovers", the opening video sequence of Madonna's latest live show.


The MadonnaTribe team meets Chiara Iezzi, singer, painter, photographer and multifaceted artist, to discuss her new life, her new single and a common passion: Madonna. Join us for this exclusive chat with Italy's blond and pop sensation.


MadonnaTribe readers and members know David Kawena for the amazing Madonna artworks he creates and shares with our site, but t
his time our friend is gonna tell us about his very own "Confessions Tour" experience and will show us the images he took when he flew all the way from Israel to see Madonna live in Cardiff, where it all begun...

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