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Madonna visits the Vigario Geral favela in Rio
Live from BrazilMadonna surprised the people of the Vigário Geral slum, in the South of Rio de Janeiro, when she appeared on Friday, December 7, to attend a group presentation at the Centro Cultural Waly Salomão, run by Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, a grassroots movement created with by work of Anderson Sá, a former drug trafficker and that was the subject of the 2005 documentary film "Favela Rising". AfroReggae run a project with children and teenagers in the community.

Madonna was accompanied by Brahim, Yaman, Norman, Rocco and other dancers from her show and attended performances by AR21, Makala Música e Dança, Orquestra AfroReggae, Afro Circo, Párvati, Afro Samba e Afro Lata na Praça Tropicalismo.

Check out and for more pictures.

Thanks to MadonnaTribe contributor Gustavo

Sat, December 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Let's have dinner - but you're paying!
Live from BrazilMadonna met graffiti artist Simone Sapienza aka Siss last Tuesday, backstage at Morumbi Stadium right before her MDNA show in São Paulo.

Simone was the only woman among the Johnnie Walker's Keep Walking project finalist, and it's not by chance that her own work was a tribute to the women's strenght itself.

Siss adapted one of her signature graffiti art, creating a Madonna Wonder Woman holding two spray cans, replacing the iconic face of Linda Carter with the one of the Queen of Pop herself.
"My work is connected to women's conditions," Siss told Brazilian newspaper Folha. "I like strong women, who stand for what they believe is right." Siss used some Wonder Woman sentences on what became the cover of Madonna's "Superstar" single: "let's have dinner!" is written on her shorts, and "but you're paying!" is on the whip. Simple and right to point, as Siss likes it.

Giovanni Bianco, Madonna's art director and collaborator for eight years said: "Siss was very sensitive in capturing the song's idea and Madonna's pop world in her language. She captured something from the streets and from Madonna. It was very clever."

As previously reported on MadonnaTribe, the "Superstar" 2-track CD single was distributed for free with each copy of the Folha de S.Paulo last Monday.

The Eddie Amador Remix, the b-side to the single, can be downloaded for free as Madonna & Johnnie Walker are treating their fans with 10,000 free downloads of the remix, available until December 12. Visit UOL and get it now.

Images from Folha de S.Paulo and Johnnie Walker Brasil.
Thu, December 06 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
The President and the Queen
Live from BrazilMadonna sent a present to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff yesterday: an autographed picture from the tour.

"President Dilma Rousseff, I'm sorry we couldn't meet. I wish your beautiful country all the best. With all my love, Madonna."

With a busy schedule, the president couldn't make time to meet the singer's few chances to go to Brasilia. Rousseff's daughter, Paula, was invited to the VIP seats prepared to receive Madonna's guests at Parque dos Atletas in Rio.

From Folha de S.Paulo.

Tue, December 04 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Three Times Madonna
Live from BrazilGlobo's G1 has an interesting feature comparing the three times Madonna visited Brazil with one of her tours, placing side to side facts, numbers and tidbits about the Girlie Show in 1993, Sticky & Sweet in 2008, and this year's MDNA Tour.

Click the image below to get there now and check the full story.

Thanks to MadonnaTribe reader Gustavo, a Brazilian fan.
Fri, November 30 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Caldeirão do Huck - the Full Interview
Live from BrazilThe full Madonna interview on Caldeirão do Huck aired today and is now available for streaming on the Globo TV website.

"I never saw Madonna so confortable with an interview" - MadonnaTribe contributor Leonardo says about the broadcast.

Check it out here.

Sat, November 24 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
M-on-TV: ''Eu to chegando''
Live from BrazilMadonna found a perfect way to pass the baton to the third leg of her MDNA Tour, recording an interview with Brazilian journalist Luciano Huck from Globo TV in her hotel bathroom, right after her show in Miami.

The popular television host played with the fact on his facebook page saying that they were "In bathroom with Madonna".

The full interview will air on his Caldeirão do Huck this weekend and a preview clip has been posted on the Globo TV website with Madonna saying in a perfect portuguese: "Eu tô chegando", that means "I'm coming".

Click the image below - posted on Luciano's Instagram - to check out the preview clip

Thanks to MadonnaTribe reader Ian, a Brazilian fan who also says that Brazil can´t wait to have a MDNA experience and Brazilian fans are ready to go wild - and we bet they really are!
Fri, November 23 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | M-on-TV)
Keep Walking, Brazil!
Live from BrazilMadonna and Johnnie Walker are joining forces to celebrate progress in Brazil through art and creativity.
Stay tuned for the launch of their "Keep Walking, Brazil” project.

Thanks to our friend Cr@zy4Mad*nna.
Tue, October 30 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Tour news from Brazil
Live from BrazilIt looks like that the brazilian tickets for the Madonna concerts will be among the most expensive of the entire MDNA Tour, as they will be spanning from R$85,00 to R$850,00 (US$47,00 to US$470,00).

The number of tickets that will be made available for each show in Brazil is the following:

Rio de Janeiro: 90.000 tickets
São Paulo: 70.000 tickets
Porto Alegre: 45.000 tickets

Check out the tour advertisement for the concert in Rio de Janeiro as featured on OGlobo newspaper - click to zoom.

Thanks to Wagner and Leonardo.
Tue, April 17 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna checks out Rio's Carnival
Live from BrazilMadonna has enthusiastically embraced Brazil's spectacular Carnival in Rio and even wanted to try some samba moves herself during parades overnight, Brazilian media reported Monday.

The US entertainer attended the spectacular shows with her Brazilian toyboy boyfriend, model Jesus Luz, her two children and a coterie of US friends.

Other celebrities, including Paris Hilton, "300" star Gerard Butler, and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger were also in town to catch the festivities rolling out in summer heatwave conditions.

According to Globo, the Brazilian television broadcaster of Rio's parades, Madonna tried to join in on the fun in an overnight parade, but the frenzy she triggered among cameramen and security agents as she got close to the event prevented her from busting out some samba steps.

Instead, she watched from VIP boxes along the parade route, the guest of Rio governor Sergio Cabral and a Brazilian beer maker.

The parades were to continue to early Tuesday, with the winning samba school announced on Wednesday.

From an article by the AFP. Photo: Marcio Nunes / Photo Rio News via
Mon, February 15 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
In pictures: Madonna at Carnival Parade in Rio
Live from BrazilMany pictures and a few videos of Madonna, Jesus and Guy Oseary having a blast last night in Rio, during the Carnival Parade at Marques de Sapucaí in Rio are available on the Brazilian press. Here's a few links:

Quem: "Madonna chega a Sapucaí com Jesus Luz e filhas".
Quem: "Com blusa de camarote, Madonna veste máscara e cai no samba".
G1: "Madonna vai ao 1º dia de desfiles no Rio".
Ego: "Com Jesus Luz e as filhas, Madonna assiste aos defiles na Sapucaí".
Ego: "Madonna brinca carnaval na Sapucaí com Jesus e as filhas Lourdes Maria e Mercy".

Thanks to Leonardo.
Mon, February 15 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | In pictures)
Madonna receives donation to SFK
Live from BrazilMadonna, pictured below, received a donation of $ 1 million from a Brazilian brewery to benefit the official start of the activities of the Success For Kids program in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for March this year.
The check was presented to Madonna on Friday night of Friday by the president of AmBev, Joao Castro Neves.

Sun, February 14 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Who's That Girl?
Live from BrazilCheck out a shiny Madonna attending the Falcão e os Loucomotivos concert in Rio de Janeiro last night in this cool clip recorded by the Núcleo Audiovisual do Circo Voador and posted on YouTube.

Thanks to Leonardo.
Thu, February 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
''Our Circo is so huge, that Madonna is here to see us''
Live from BrazilMore pictures of Madonna's meeting with the Governor Jose Serra in Sao Paulo and from other moments of her visit to Brazil (so far) can now be found on UOL.

Later yesterday night Madonna, Jesus Luz, Guy Oseary, Eugene Hutz (from Gogol Bordello who lives in Rio) and some friends attended a rock concer at Circo Voador in Rio. The venue is downtown and the tickets are usually very cheap. Madonna drank some shots of Brazilian most famous drink, Caipirinha. The lead vocal of the band Locomotivos said to the audience: "Our Circo is so huge, that Madonna is here to see us". All the auddience applauded Madonna and she blushed. Madonna and her friends left at around 1.50a.m.

Check out Quem for some pictures and more reports.

Thanks to Daniel, Gustavo and Leonardo.
Thu, February 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna meeting Sao Paulo's Governor
Live from BrazilCheck out a few images of Madonna meeting with Sao Paulo's Governor Jose Serra at Bandeirantes Palace on Wednesday.
Madonna met Serra to discuss possible social projects as part of the Success for Kids initiative in the Sao Paulo area.

Photo credit: AP/Reuters via Yahoo! News
Thu, February 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna meets the Meninos do Morumbi
Live from BrazilMadonna visited the headquarters of the Meninos do Morumbi (Morumbi’s boys) NGO in Sao Paulo today. She arrived shortly after 3 PM and she was greeted by a group of fans waiting for her outside the building, shouting loud her name and the one of Jesus Luz.

According to the CEO of the Meninos do Morumbi NGO, Flávio Pimenta, 300 children awaited Madonna's arrival and performed a song for her while fans outsite could hear the sound of drums and music.

Later in the afternoon as previously reported Madonna met Governor Jose Serra at the Bandeirantes Palace.

Thanks to Gustavo.

Photo credit: Daigo Oliva/G1
Wed, February 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna visits Sao Paulo
Live from BrazilMadonna and Guy Oseary flew to San Paulo today and met Governor José Serra at the Palacio dos Bandeirantes and discussed the implementation of the Success for Kids NGO in the city.

Check out for more pictures and full report.

Thanks to Leonardo.

Wed, February 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna leads celebrity charge to Rio for Carnival
Live from BrazilMadonna on Tuesday led a charge of celebrities descending on Rio de Janeiro for the city's famously sexy Carnival starting this weekend.

The US entertainer triggered screams from fans as she checked into an upmarket hotel on Ipanema beach with her children in tow, Brazil's Globo news websites reported.
The frenzy added to a crowd already gathered in front of the hotel because of another singing guest lodged there: Beyonce, who was wrapping up a series of pre-Carnival Brazilian concerts as part of a Latin American tour.

Madonna reportedly was to mix in a bit of work for her children's charity Success for Kids, heading to Sao Paulo on Wednesday to rustle up donations.
On Friday, she was to return to Rio to accompany Brazilian politicians on visits to slums before throwing herself into the festivities of Carnival.

From an article by the AFP.
Tue, February 09 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Breaking News: Madonna lands in Rio
Live from BrazilMadonna has landed at the Tom Jobim international airport in Rio de Janeiro this morning with a private flight.
Check out the online website of Quem for the first images of her arrival in Brazil.

Thanks to our Community member Punkid and to Daniel.
Tue, February 09 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Breaking News)
Madonna frenzy on the Brazilian press
Live from BrazilThe Brazilian press has been stormed by reports about Madonna flying to Brazil this week following an invitation by Rio de Janeiro's Governor, Sergio Cabral to attend "World´s biggest party" - as Carnival is knwon in Brazil - and also continue working on the Success For Kids project she's involved in.
All major Brazilian media outlets report that Madonna is expected to land in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday so it's just a matter of hours to see which part of the rather extensive lot of rumours _ spanning from dinners with singer Beyonce to boats hired to swim away from the paparazzi - is true.

In the meanwhile, enjoy a clipping from "O Globo" from last week - click to zoom.

Thanks to Wagner and Daniel.
Mon, February 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna Covers: On the cover of Caras and Istoe Gente
Live from BrazilCaras and Istoé Gente are two of the Brazilian magazines that dedicate their cover stories to Madonna's visit to Rio de Janeiro and her new social project for the children of Brazil. Click on the images below to enlarge the scans.

Thanks to M-Tribe contributor from Brazil Leonardo.
Fri, November 20 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Madonna Covers)
Madonna Covers: 3 decades of a Star
Live from BrazilClick the images below to enlarge the scans from a new magazine from Brazil celebrating Madonna and her three decades as a Star.

Thanks to Wagner.

Wed, November 18 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Madonna Covers)
Madonna helps Brazilian kids
Live from BrazilMadonna has secured a $7 million donation from Brazil's richest man to help set up a children's charity in the South American country.
She met with wealthy business people and politicians during her recent five-day trip to the South American country and managed to secure donations for Success for Kids from Brazil's richest man, Eike Batista.

Madonna was invited to the father-of-two's estate on the island of Angra Dos Reis on Saturday to discuss the project after Batista agreed to fund a large proportion of her latest charitable venture.
During dinner, Batista - who has an estimated $7.5 billion fortune - offered to give Madonna $7 million after asking how much more she needed to set up her charity's initial projects, leaving the pop superstar in tears.

At the meal, Madonna declared her love for the country, saying: "I worship Brazil."

This new report partly corrects the news from the AFP which reported that Madonna was raising money for her Malawi charity, while it appears that donations will be destined to a new project based in Brazil.

From Contactmusic.
Tue, November 17 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna raises 11 million dollars for Malawi charity
Live from BrazilMadonna has raised 11 million dollars from Brazilian millionaires for her Raising Malawi foundation, the daily Rio O Dia reported Monday.

Madonna visited Brazil to stroke the country's wealthy into giving, and notably won an unspecified pledge from the country's richest man, mining magnate Ike Batista, who sits atop a fortune estimated at 7.5 billion dollars.

From the Agence France Presse.
Mon, November 16 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna visits Santa Marta Favela
Live from BrazilMadonna visited the Santa Marta Shanty Town in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, November 13, the same place where Michael Jackson shot his "They don't care about us" videoclip years ago.

Madonna visited the place alongside the city's governator, Sérgio Cabral. Madonna also watched a Samba Performance in a visit to a Charity Project of the city. She also talked with the kids and adolescents of the region

Check out more pictures and reports (in Portuguese) on the online website of Globo. Thanks to Ian.

Photo from AP and Reuters via Yahoo! News.
Sun, November 15 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
In The Press: Strictly business
Live from BrazilMadonna has refuted reports she's jetted to Brazil to meet Jesus Luz's family and explained that her visit is strictly business.

Madonna landed in Luz's native country this week alongside her beau, but she is adamant she is only in South America for charity work - she plans to visit some of Rio de Janeiro's slums and to discuss setting up some social projects with the city's governor Sergio Cabral.

She tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "I am going there strictly for fundraising and humanitarian purposes.”

The singer is also sponsoring a documentary on the children living in slums.

From Yahoo! News.
Tue, November 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | In The Press)

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