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Tori Amos covers 'Frozen' in Amsterdam tour gig
For InspirationWatch this video of an amazing Tori Amos performing a haunting cover of Madonna's "Frozen" during her Unrepentant Geraldines Tour show in Amsterdam last night.

Fri, May 30 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
What are you looking kat?
For InspirationFeline star Katy Perry brought back your best MDNA Tour memories when she performed a bit of Madonna's "Vogue" - and a long stroll along the catwalk - in the middle of her "International Smile" number at the opening night of her Prismatic World Tour Belfast on Wednesday night.

Thu, May 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Glee's Lucky Star
For InspirationYet another great cover enriches the list of the Madonna hits featured on "Glee" as in the 19th episode of series 5 Chris Colfer and June Squibb perform their rendition of "Lucky Star".

Listen to their cover before its appearance on Tuesday's episode, exclusively on

The song is included in Glee's "Old Dong New Tricks", available now.

Mon, May 05 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Capital Cities' Holiday
For InspirationThe opening scene of episode 20 from Grey's Anatomy's 10th season airing on ABC featured the cover version of Madonna's "Holiday" performed by Capital Cities.

Often played live by the indie pop duo from Los Angeles, their poppy and powerful Madonna cover can also be downloaded for free from their official website

Thanks to our Team member Sam.
Sat, April 19 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Teaser: Mad for Madonna - A documentary film
For InspirationShooting of the Mad for Madonna documentary film has finally begun, and a first teaser gives you a look inside the world of MadonnaTribe longtime friends Mario and Gianni, the fashion doll designers behind Magia 2000 and their fabulous M-Dolls!

Tue, March 25 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Teaser)
Francois Sagat will be your mistress tonight
For InspirationRanking up in the list of unconventional ways to channell the Queen of Pop, François Sagat, photographed by Greg Bailey, hits the cover of the debut issue of Loverboy Magazine, out soon.

"I could only re-incarnate Madonna’s early 90s look because back then she was the ‘gay’ fantasy, she was presenting what gay men think is feminine, " Sagat said.

"The look was beyond true femininity, it was ‘hyper-feminine.’ But my face is so sharp, I think it would have been useless to try and make it softer… I could easily look like a mix between Madonna and Glenn Close. The transformation worked so well because we both have the same bodies!! LOL, only joking…People keep saying I’m trying to do these pop stars in drag. So ok, let’s do this properly. Let’s do the QUEEEEENNNN!”

Editor-in-chief of Loverboy magazine, Michael Turnbull, was thrilled to have Francois on boarda and said: "Francois really embodies what Loverboy is all about, keeping it camp but gritty and high fashion at the same time. I've been a fan of his for a long time and especially how he balanced his adult career with his fashion career, shooting for Terry Richardson and modelling for Bernhard Willhelm. The Madonna inspiration came from the line 'I want to kiss you in Paris' from Justify My Love," the Daily Star reports.

To find out more information about Loverboy magazine, visit

Mon, March 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Meet Ray Caesar
For InspirationIf you weren't familiar with the undisputed leader of Digital Art before Madonna recently shared two of his artworks on her Instagram, you certainly know who Ray Caesar is by now.

The London-born artist, in 1958, who has worked in several fields, attended many art schools, and realized building project works for architectural studios, agencies of digital technique, computer modeling, digital animation and visual effects for both television and film had his works exhibited in the greatest gallery all over the world.

Fans from Italy now have a special chance to know him and his work better as the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome will open its 2014 schedule in 2014 with Ray Caesar's long-awaited solo exhibition "The Trouble with Angels".

The exhibition will open on Friday February 14th 2014 at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, where it will be on display until April 2nd 2014.
Simultaneously with Rome, "The Trouble With Angels" will open for an institutional showcase at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin, where it will remain on display for two months.

Alongside with new artworks in edition of 20 , made specifically for the gallery - that represents him exclusively for Italy - 5 brand new unique edition pieces will also be displayed: the renowed single varnished collected by Madonna herself and other great collectors.
The 18 works on display, including editions and unique editions, will create a rich overview of the dreamlike, enigmatic and seductive universe of Ray Caesar, who for years amazed us for the richness of his imagination , full of renovated psychic scenarios and technically stunning details.

Some of the artworks in edition of 20 that will be on show in Rome will be part of the Turin exhibition, alongside other works from private collections exhibited in Turin only.
Ray Caesar’s unique editions will be on display exclusively in Rome.

For the first time in Italy, Ray Caesar will be attending the opening at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome on Februay 14 and the one at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin the following day, February 15. Both events are by invitation only.

For further information please check:

Sat, February 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Get Into The Groove!
For InspirationKurt and the band get "Into the Groove" in one of their first official gigs.

Check out the full performance of "Into The Groove" from "Puppet Master", from the 5th season of Glee on Fox.

Fri, November 29 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Floored This Way
For Inspiration"I have to be really honest, I was completely kind of floored that Madonna was singing my song on her stage every night."

Lady Gaga in her interview with Attitude magazine, in the newsstands next week, speaking of the much talked about mash-up between "Express Yourself" and "Born This Way".

"I'm certainly not thinking about anybody but me and my fans when I'm on stage. The fact that I was on her mind at all. I mean, Madonna's... she's Madonna.

"I looked up to her for a long time. I'm not quite sure what her intention was - to do that in the show - but I don't really care."

"I think playing into the gossip of the tabloids and, I guess the fodder of the competition, that's just not what I'm about."
"She chooses to use her voice the way she chooses to use hers and I choose to use mine the way I use mine."
"All it meant to me was that Madonna Ciccone was singing my song on her stage and I'm 27!"

"And as a punk-rocker from New York, I've basically been hoping that I would become so good that one day I would piss off Madonna!"

"I truthfully believe that there was nothing about those records sounding alike, and everything about this gay icon versus gay icon nonsense.
I don't need to take anybody's torch. I have no interest in taking anybody's torch. I am over here and they are over there and if you feel connected to it, the door is open for you to come in and enjoy this with us."

"But this need for competition was everything that 'Born This Way' isn't about!"

Fri, November 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Humaira: The Dream Catcher
For InspirationChime for Change, the global campaign for girls' and women's empowerment founded by Gucci, has today announced the launch of its storytelling platform, designed to shine a light on stories celebrating and spotlighting courageous girls and women around the world. Through a combination of short films and journalistic content, the powerful stories are centered on the individuals who live them, and aim to inspire conversation and community participation by raising awareness among a global audience.

To mark the launch of the storytelling platform, Chime for Change, led by a founding committee comprised of Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyonce Knowles-Carter, has released five original short films, told through the lens of creative filmmakers who have been inspired to share previously untold compelling stories with the world.

The films first premiered earlier this month during The Sound of Change Live concert event on June 1, which gathered together some of the world's most talented artists and renowned activists to raise funds and awareness for girls' and women's empowerment. The films are available to view and download through the homepage and on YouTube.

In addition, a special version of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's Humaira: The Dream Catcher has been released this week. Featuring a voiceover by Madonna, this version of Humaira: The Dream Catcher chronicles the life of a young woman who is fighting to educate girls in her community. Through sheer determination, she has set up a school that now educates over 1200 children, each for one cent a day.

Tue, July 09 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Quotes on Madonna: Keith Urban tells Don't tell me
For InspirationCountry singer and songwriter Keith Urban told USA Today how the chopped-up ukulele pattern which makes the most distinctive musical feature of his new track "Little Bit of Everything", currently at #24 in the magazines's Country airplay chart - links back to Madonna's "Don't Tell Me".

"She had a staccato acoustic guitar part in there that I thought was very cool. On the demo that Kevin did, it was more of a strummed part, just a straight-up Hey Soul Sister thing. Nathan was playing an arpeggiated piece, which I thought was kind of cool, and then he hit the mute button accidentally and I said, 'Oh, I like that!"

Little Bit was written by pop/hip-hop artist Kevin Rudolf, known for his 2008 single Let It Rock, along with Nashville songwriters Brad and Brett Warren.

Fri, May 31 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Quotes on Madonna)
Walk off the Earth in a Material World
For InspirationThe latest Madonna cover is this fun and enjoyable rendition of "Material Girl" performed by Walk off the Earth, the Canadian five-piece band you recently got to the YouTube stardom when theur version of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" scored over 35 million views in under 2 weeks.

Check out their new Madonna cover below.

Tue, May 07 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
MadonnaTribe: Thanks Tribers
For InspirationWe would like to thanks all the readers that sent in their entries for the Madonna Like An Icon contest.

The five winners will be contacted via email this week and will receive a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher.

Thanks Tribers!

Mon, May 06 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | MadonnaTribe)
Books: Madonna is an Icon - Part Three
For InspirationHere are more entries we got in for the Madonna Like An Icon contest. Five entries will be picked by our team and will receive a copy of Cherish: Madonna Like An Icon, the book by David Foy, courtesy of Ivy Publishing. The book has just been released in the US on April 30th:

My name is Qraig de Groot and I have been a fan of Madonna since basically day one. I even wrote an entire blog about my love and admiration for her. I wanted to try and turn it into a book, but you know how that goes. :-) Anyway, here's a link if you're interested:

But anyway, below is my first blog entry that I feel perfectly sums up how I discovered Madonna and why she is such an Icon to me. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Surrounded by a bumper crop of bright yellow dandelions during a late spring morning in 1983, I sat on the edge of my front lawn listening to the radio. Fiddling with its giant dial tuner, a mishmash of music droned from one tiny speaker. A few months past twelve and completing the last weeks of sixth grade, come September I’d be moving up to junior high. The thought sent fear and dread, jumbled with just a tinge of thrill, through my pre-pubescent body. But at that moment, I was still a big man on the elementary school campus.

My class recently voted me "Mr. Congeniality" and I was narrating the sixth grade play I helped write with Michelle, my best friend since age three. We posed the question, "What will the sixth grade class of School 4 in Clifton be up to in twenty years?" Michelle fancied herself to be a top-notch teacher while I saw myself as a rich, world famous Dalmatian breeder. Back in my Dalmatian lacking life, I randomly scanned through radio stations, stopping for a moment at an aging disco tune, a current Top 40 hit, or an arena rock anthem. Nothing seemed to hold my interest for long. A catchy dance song caught my ear and I paused to enjoy the tail end. An unfamiliar tune followed. My fingers were ready to start turning the dial again. But before I could, she began to sing about being on fire.

I immediately snapped to attention and let go of the tuner. The simple lyrics over this strange rock infused disco beat were electrifying. I leapt to my feet. The song now had my full attention as the singer chirped on about quenching desires, pounding hearts and being down on her knees!

"Oh, do you wanna see me down on my knees Or bending over backwards now, would you be pleased"

Nothing had ever jumped off the radio before and basically beat me into submission. Goosebumps ravaged my skin as the singer’s voice penetrated every single pleasure spot on my body. A mind-blowing chill went up my spine. I turned the volume up as loud as it would go. As the song ended—way too soon for my liking—the announcer revealed what it was. The song was “Burning Up.” The singer was Madonna. And she was about to change the soundtrack of my life.

Since then, Madonna has always been by my side. She got me through those first few awkward days of junior high and stayed with me during my painfully insecure high school years. When I went away to college, I cried to Madonna about my loneliness. Then, four years later I danced with her and my friends on graduation night. Madonna was there for my first sexual experience with a woman – then with a man. It was her who gave me the confidence to reveal who I truly was. She always encouraged me to express myself. She adventurously moved with me from New Jersey to San Francisco then tentatively to Los Angeles and finally dejectedly back to the East Coast. Madonna cheered me along while I ran my first marathon and comforted me when my father died. Madonna taught me how to fall in love.

With Madonna’s guidance, I burgeoned from a timid boy into a confident man. Since that first moment I heard her sing “Burning Up”, Madonna has been a predominant figure in my life. And she’s made it all worthwhile. You know you got me burning up, baby Burning up for your love

Why is Madonna an Icon to me? She stands for an open mind. She stands for respect. She stands for the freedom of speech. She is an image, a work of art, embodying the characteristic traits that would lead to a better world. She has a voice. She speaks up. Her face, moreover her whole appearance, is distinct. Once you have allowed her into your world, she most probably will never leave your mind.

Madonna is an Icon to me because since I heard her beautiful voice for the first time when I was nine years old and got hypnotized by it, I've never stopped listening. But the great thing is the way she used that voice to speak up her mind throughout her carreer, defend her points and fight prejudice. I couldn't be more proud of what she's said and done; and I'm even prouder of being a fan of such courageous, ground-breaking woman. To me, having this innate power to touch people through art the way she touched me, and also legions of fans, is the purest definition of Icon.

Madonna is a trailblazer in the music industry and a true Icon in every sense of the word. Why she is such an Icon to me is almost beyond what mere words can describe. She is with me when I want to dance and be silly. She is the shoulder I cry on when I am sad and low. And she is the rock that I rely on to pick myself up. In a way, she is more than just an artist to me, she has been my friend and confidant in good times and bad times.

I look up to her because she is a tour de force and is a true example of a survivor. Her strength and passion have never led her astray into darkness like many wounded female artists who end up in so much trouble and lose their way. I find this truly remarkable about her as a woman and as an artist in a male dominated industry. Most new Female artists try to be like her or be her as if she could ever be replaced. Through it all she still manages to come out on top and show them all why she is on top. There's only one Madonna and this makes her my #1 Icon.

Sat, May 04 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Books)
Books: Madonna is an Icon - Part Two
For InspirationHere are more entries we got in for the Madonna Like An Icon contest. Five entries will be picked by our team and will receive a copy of Cherish: Madonna Like An Icon, the book by David Foy, courtesy of Ivy Publishing. The book has just been released in the US on April 30th:

Madonna is an icon for her ability to constantly change and stay ahead of the game. She’s always looking for the future and never dwells on the past. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t apologize for it. She truly is the Queen!

Madonna is an icon for me because, in addition to representing the power of music, symbolizes the people, at the same time is able to express the freedom and transgression that is in each of us, together with the respect and a sense of humanity for people.

Madonna is an Icon for me because she has built a "glittering" career all by itself, being able to become a legend in 30-year career! Her concerts are some real amazing shows, combining music, dance and acting like no one else can do! In addition to the artist, Madonna knows how to be an example of a compassionate person proving the commitment that puts the fight for the rights, and education of the poorest! I follow her since 1985 and his love for her has never fallen, in fact, grows more and more as time goes on!

I first came to like Madonna's music, with songs such as Into the groove and Papa don't preach, without knowing who she was or watching her videos. So you may say that her iconic image wasn't important for me. However, Madonna is an ICON for me because no matter what image she chose to have, or the colour of her hair, the style of her clothing, there has always been a message related to it: especially to find happiness inside myself, to never give up, to love the others, to have courage to express myself. She's not only a singer, she's a teacher, and that's the real road to immortality!!

Richard And Grant
Hello guys the reason Madonna is my Icon is because she has the everlasting power to change and stimulate the world over in every which way! And no matter what day it is and aim everyday looking at your MadonnaTribe news without fail!you guys are amazing and iam always thankful for your help and efforts you all go to.

I grew up in South Bend, IN and always knew that I was a little bit different from my friends as a young boy. While they were all infatuated with Hot Wheels, superhero movies, and sports...I had one solitary obsession: Madonna. She was so fascinating and heroic to me at a time in my life when I was struggling with being gay and an outcast. In many ways, she was my superhero. I remember seeing the video for "Express Yourself" for the first time. Although I was only five, the memory is etched into my brain forever. She was powerful, beautiful, and in charge. I wasn't completely aware of the symbolism and meaning of the song until a few years later, but I knew it was important. I knew she stood for something that was positive. As I grew, so did Madonna and my love for her. She taught me about self-expression, confidence, and the joys of the dance floor. In many ways, Madonna saved my life. She spoke directly to her gay fans long before it was widely accepted to do so. Instead of feeling ashamed of myself, Madonna offered hope and acceptance for me to cling onto. And I haven't even mentioned the amazing amounts of flawless pop songs she's crafted over the years. I saw her three times during her most recent MDNA Tour. Being front row, looking into her eyes was a surreal experience for me. I think she is the most beautiful, fierce, intelligent, and interesting celebrity we have in our modern world. A living legend of epic proportions. I'm incredibly thankful and in debt to Madonna for all of the good she's brought to my life. This is why she's an icon in my eyes.

I am writing you to enter into the contest for the Madonna Icon Book Contest. Its my birthday tomorrow (May 1), and every birthday I go through a major event or life change in my life that somehow coincides with Madonna's career in some way. This year, I just moved into a new home after 8 years. I had to do a very sad thing this time. I donated my entire Madonna CD collection of 85 pieces for a charity auction in NYC so help raise money for AIDS affected individuals. As Madonna has always been an advocate for AIDS, I know she would be proud for my actions. It was a tough detachment for me, decades work of collecting every single release, special editions, tour editions, international releases… the list goes on and on - I had stacked them proudly in my living room for everyone to see. As Madonna is about to launch a secret project in the near future, I can only hope to have a copy of the this book to proudly display in my living room - in memory of my CD collection that has helped somebody else less fortunate, and in memory for what Madonna stands for and values she strives to uphold herself: hard work, charity, ambition, determination, and to do your very best in everything you do. Values I'd like to be reminded of with the representation of this book, not only for my birthday, but for the rest of this wonderful year.

Madonna is an Icon to me because she has been a part of every phase in my life, From the not so sure teen to the strong willed man I am today. Her voice and songs have been my soundtrack. She has showed me how important it is to give back to others. As she grows, I feel I grow also.

Madonna is a trailblazer in the music industry and a true Icon in every sense of the word.

Why she is such an Icon to me is almost beyond what mere words can describe. She is with me when I want to dance and be silly. She is the shoulder I cry on when I am sad and low. And she is the rock that I rely on to pick myself up. In a way, she is more than just an artist to me, she has been my friend and confidant in good times and bad times.

I look up to her because she is a tour de force and is a true example of a survivor. Her strength and passion have never led her astray into darkness like many wounded female artists who end up in so much trouble and lose their way. I find this truly remarkable about her as a woman and as an artist in a male dominated industry. Most new Female artists try to be like her or be her as if she could ever be replaced. Through it all she still manages to come out on top and show them all why she is on top. There's only one Madonna and this makes her my #1 Icon.

Long Live The Only Queen Of Pop!!!

Thu, May 02 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Books)
Books: Madonna is an Icon - Part One
For InspirationYesterday we asked our reader why Madonna is an icon to them. Five entries will be picked by our team and will receive a copy of Cherish: Madonna Like An Icon, the book by David Foy, courtesy of Ivy Publishing. The book has just been released in the US on April 30th.

Your response has been overwhelming to say the least and many of you already sent in their text explaining why Madonna is an icon.

We have decided to post these entries and share them with our readers, so here's the first bunch of them:

Vicki from London
For me, it all started in 1984 on a small council estate on the outskirts of Liverpool, UK. I was five years old. A relatively unknown singer/dancer released her second studio album – ‘Like a Virgin’ and my best friend received a copy for her birthday.

I remember hearing the album literally “for the very first time” and I was instantly hooked. The music and sound were infectious and like nothing my young ears had ever heard before. My friend and I would spend hours and hours making up dance routines to the music of this exciting and unique individual, known only to us as, Madonna.

We didn't know anything else about her. She was a mystery but even at such a young age, I knew she was special. It was around the same time that I saw the movie, Desperately Seeking Susan - in which Madonna played a cool, confident, free-spirited New York City drifter named Susan. Madonna became an influence to me through her unique fashion sense – I literally craved ‘that’ jacket and boots, as seen in the film and would dress up in my mum's clothes, trying to emulate Madonna's unique style. Madonna became my idol, an iconic figure that I looked up to throughout my childhood and adolescence. Over the years she has written and produced some of the most amazing and iconic pop music, expressed and defined stunningly through her iconic and often controversial music videos and live performances.

Madonna has always had the uncanny ability to find something current or an emerging trend, add her own unique spin to it and make it 100% her own. That is why I love her. She is a genius. A true artist in every sense of the word.

For me Madonna truly comes to life on stage, as a live performer. Her shows are a feast for the senses, an addictive experience where if you see her once, you simply have to go "again and again, over and over." In my opinion, her shows are unrivalled by any other performer. Biased much? Well perhaps just a little!! ;)

Madonna is and always will be the Queen of Pop. No other female in the history of Pop Music has ever come close to achieving what she has achieved. She is a singer, dancer, producer, writer, performer and entrepreneur, plus, more recently film director. Oh, and an altogether inspirational, amazing, kind hearted and influential human being too. I have followed Madonna’s career since I was five years old - she has truly been the soundtrack to my life. <3 MLVC <3

Madonna is an icon because she's never afraid to speak her mind and isn't afraid to speak out whenever and wherever she sees injustice in the world, she is the Patron Saint of Gay Men, the High Priestess of Self Actualization, and the Queen of Pop after 30 years on top of the music business and is completely in a league of her own unmatched in her accomplishments in music! Long live the Queen!

David Lee
Dear MadonnaTribe, Madonna is an Icon to me because she represents all the excellence as an artist, singer, dancer, performer, producer/collaborator, writer, director and as a fashion/style & video icon. Also she's an Icon because she stands for all the things that we greatly need in this world which is freedom of artistic expression, championing women & LGBT rights & dignity, compassion & generosity for all the charitable work she's done for HIV/AIDS & Raising Malawi.

She's an Icon to me for dedication, commitment, discipline, drive, and focus to bring out the best of her abilities, potential and talents to her fans/audience with the ability to mix the right amount of the old world with the new/cutting edge and because she trusts her artistic instincts. She's An Icon to me mostly because of her honesty/integrity, strength of character and perseverance to make to this far in her journey to go from a dancer to travelled to NYC with only $35 and a dream to where she is now with all her accomplishments from multi-platinum albums, #1 singles, sold-out concerts, Grammy & American Music Awards & other music awards and acollads, etc.

Madonna is an excellent Icon for all things great, successfull, awesome and amazing.

Why is Madonna an icon to me?

It all started when I was in 6th grade. I remember getting the LIKE A VIRGIN tape as part of my Valentines gift. I don't recall if I specifically asked for it, or if my mom just knew it was popular at the time. Yes, it was an odd choice for a 6th grader but truly I had yet to learn what a virgin was, I only found out years later. I digress. That is when my attraction to Madonna began. Her songs were fun, poppy and catchy...and they put me in good spirits. Over the years

I became a big fan and was always so surprised and appreciative of Madonna's acceptance and support for the gay community. She was unashamed of her support. she was vocal. She was making it acceptable for others to come out, live their life freely, and she was becoming my ICON. I have always known I was gay, and as someone that comes from a small town, a conservative one at that, it was so exciting and promising to see such a huge star being both fabulous, entertaining, gaining international popularity, and also using her talents to spread messageS: It's ok to be gay, get tested for AIDS and practice safe sex, Stand up for yourself, Be proud, and many, many more. Because of all this, she is an ICON to me and many others.

Her career has entertained us for years, and her messages have uplifted, educated, informed and help make this world a more tolerant, accepting place. It is a fact that this ICON has helped many gay men and women, take a stand for themselves and life their life openly and freely. She is an ICON like no other.

Why Madonna is an icon to me is such a layered, complicated yet simple question. The quick simple answer would be because she's this amazing, creative, driven, talented artist. The complicated answer would be because deep down I can relate to her. I was raised a catholic, not fitting in, socially awkward gay boy. In a way, she's the solution to those problems. She's an icon because she wasn't a typical teenager. She used her flaws to draw people in. Growing up she didn't fit in but grew into somebody everybody wanted to be. She didn't change herself for society. She changed society to fit her. I can go on and on but that's my answer. She's amazing and atypical but made society see her as the archetype for all pop artists to be compared to.

Stay tuned to know more reasons why Madonna is an icon to fellow fans!
Wed, May 01 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Books)
Uniqlo releases four Madonna-themed tees
For InspirationFashion retailer Uniqlo has finally released the twenty-four different t-shirts inspired to worldwide music stars and created together with the fans for their UT Grand Prix 2013 project.
Madonna is featured with four different designs together with AC/DC, David Bowie, Kiss, Sex Pistols and The Who who were the featured artists in the competition this year.
The UT Grand Prix started in 2005 to provide support and inspiration for talented and creative artists throughout the world and for this year's edition a total of 3484 designs were submitted from 63 countries.

The Madonna tees hit the stores in the UK this week and are also available to purchase online (not shipping outside the UK), priced at 12.90 £, and in the USA for 19,90 $, in stores and online. French fans will also be able to purchase the tees from the Uniqlo stores in Paris for 14,90 €.

A mix of rather classic inspirational imagery is used in the Madonna-themed shirts, and even if they are listed as Men's in the retailer catalogue they should be considered unisex.

As you can see by the image below, the cover art of Madonna's Celebration is used on the label of these officially licensed collectable tees.

Wed, April 24 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Flashback: Happy Birthday Vogue!
For InspirationMadonna's Vogue celebrates its 23th anniversary today! The song was originally released on March 20th 1990 as a single and then as part of I'm Breathless, the album of songs from and inspired by the film Dick Tracy.

Since it's release day the video went a long way and had many iconic incarnations, from the black and white original video directed by David Fincher and the Marie Antoniette inspired MTV awards performance to the amazing various live reinventions of the Blond Ambition Tour, The Girlie Show, re-Invention Tour, Sticky & Sweet and MDNA tour!

To learn more behind the scenes of the Vogue video please read our interview with Luis Camacho by clicking HERE.

Wed, March 20 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Flashback)
Puberty in the time of AIDS and Madonna
For InspirationFactory 360 founder Michael Anthony Fernandez wrote an interesting entry on the blog, following an item the found on HuffPost Gay Voices, a petition - that has now been removed from the internet - against Madonna presenting a GLAAD award to Anderson Cooper, because, as they put it, she was the cause of so many gay men dying of AIDS in the '80s and '90s.

"I scratched my head a bit and didn't comment on the post, despite the fact that I generally defend anything and all things Madonna-related and would have normally left a comment," he writes.

"Instead, I was transported back to an earlier time. The year was 1983. I was a scared seventh grader starting puberty - a time when most adolescents are confused - and I was attending an all-Catholic school in ultra-conservative and religious San Antonio, Texas. My father was a deacon in the church, and my mother made the sign of the cross more times daily than a Real Housewife of New Jersey. Oh, and I was realizing that I'm gay, or at least that I was not like other boys."

Click here to continue reading Michael Anthony Fernandez's blog entry on the Huff Post.

Fri, March 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
''Hung Up'' on Glee
For InspirationThe full performance of "Hung Up" from "Diva" has been posted on the official GlleOn Fox YouTube channel.
Isn't Tina gorgeous in the pink leotard?

Fri, February 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Dessy Di Lauro and Ric'key Pageot's Kickstarter Project
For InspirationSticky & Sweet and MDNA pianist Ric'key Pageot is offering piano lessons on skype to help his lovely wife, award-winning singer Dessy Di Lauro raise money for their new music video.

Check out Dessy & Ric'key's kickstarter project by following this link.

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The Transformer
For InspirationMadonna's longtime stylist - and MDNA and W.E. costume designer - Arianne Phillips tells Elle's Fiorella Valdesolo her own story of personal transformation.

Check out the blog or click the image below for the full size version of the scans of her interview featured on the January 2013 issue of Elle UK.

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The bar mitzvah boy is all grown up
For InspirationThe bar mitzvah boy is all grown up.
Shaun Sperling, 33, recreated the viral "Vogue" dance video from his 1992 bar mitzvah - which now has over one million views on YouTube - at Mary's Attic in Chicago last Saturday as part of a fundraiser for UCAN.

Check it out.

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Congratulations, Andy!
For InspirationCongratulations to the fantastic Andy LeCompte and his Andy Lecompte Salon for being named "Hair Stylist of the Year" at the 9th Annual Style Awards!

You all know how amazing is the work that Andy has done with Madonna through the years, and also how cool, handsome and nice he is to meet in person. We'd like to celebrate his art and success with a different image we particularly love, that we shot on the red carpet of the "W.E." premiere in London last January.

In the picture below you see Madonna (on the right) surrounded by her Guardian Angels while talking to the press - the one and only Liz Rosenberg, her UK publicist Barbara Charone, and the continued attention of Andy himself - who works hard to always make her sparkle, adding a few of his magic touch even in the brief lap between one interview and another.

Congratulations, Andy!

Tue, September 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Collectables: Artist Creations bring their OOAK dolls to California!
For InspirationItalian OOAK creators Ale & Giu from Artist Creations will bring their Madonna Dolls Exposition to the USA next month at the National Barbie Collectors Convention 2012 in Orange County.

Check out the event on Facebook for more info and click the banner below to enlarge the flyer.

Fri, June 29 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Collectables)

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