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Holiday Celebrate
Live from LondonThere's a cool Madonna reference at the London Fashion Week S/S 2015 in the form of this Sister by Sibling’s 80’s Polaroid invitation of Maripol, the genious behind the Queen of Pop's Like a Virgin look, as reported by The Guardian.

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Instagram: Survivor
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

#sorrynotsorry #unapologeticbitch #livingforsleep

(tagged: mozellamusic, diplo, madonna, itsjeremyscott, aliciakeys)

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Madonna aiming for 2015 release, 'having a lot of fun' with Diplo
New AlbumFrom the article by Keith Caulfield on

Madonna's been hard at work on her upcoming new album - as evidenced by her prolific posts on Instagram - and is planning for it to be released in 2015, according to a representative.

Among those she's working with is super-producer Diplo, who has turned up in multiple photos on the diva's Instagram account. It's unclear if Diplo (who recently graced the cover of Billboard magazine) is materializing as the album's primary producer, but it would seem that he could play a significant role in the project.

When asked specifically about Diplo and his involvement in the album, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary told Billboard, "She's currently in the studio with Diplo and having a lot of fun," but didn't offer any further clues about the project. Alas.

In his Billboard magazine cover feature, Diplo said that he's had multiple studio sessions with Madonna that have resulted in at least three "amazing, smashes." "I got really lucky because she's been really understanding and open to my ideas. And she's like, 'I hate sleeping…'"

Madonna's next album is due out on Interscope Records, and -- based on a glance at her Instagram feed -- may also feature collaborations with Toby Gad, MoZella, S1, Ariel Rechtshaid, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum. On last week’s Pop Shop Podcast, Kierszenbaum — the head of Cherrytree Records who also records as Cherry Cherry Boom Boom — told Billboard that he was “very proud” of the work he completed with Madonna in the studio.

“It was a real privilege to write with Madonna, and with Natalia Kills,” said Kierszenbaum. “We ended up writing about seven songs. We were meant to only be there with her for a couple of days, but we really distilled it down to a very traditional writing session. It was just me on the piano, and Madonna and Natalia Kills around it, and we just wrote songs the old-fashioned way, just playing the piano and singing. … I don’t know what she’s gonna use from the sessions, but it was a tremendous honor.”

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Instagram: She told me I would Die Another Day...
Madonna on InstagramAndroo Swaansen aka Djemba Djemba from Mad Decent posted this pic on his Instagram:

She told me I would Die Another Day...

Fri, September 12 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Is This Real Life?
Madonna on InstagramContinuing the Instagram craze, Madonna posted a new pic of herself together with Jeremy Scott and her dancer Loic Mabanza, while Diplo brings another look behind the scenes with a shot of Madonna on the couch with New York City hip hop recording artist A$AP Ferg from the A$AP Mob collective.

From Madonna's Instagram:

With my fashion bitches! #sorrynotsorry #jeremyscott@moschino#unapologeticbitch

(tagged: loicmabanza, itsjeremyscott, madonna)

From Diplo's Instagram:

Is this real life? @asapferg @madonna #nyc #legends

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Books: The Mammoth Book of Madonna
M IllustratedA new book about the Queen of Pop is coming out next year. Written by Michelle Morgan, The Mammoth Book of Madonna is described as a one-of-a-kind look at Madonna's career just in time for the 30th anniversary of her The Virgin Tour.

"Unlike other biographies, this book will not focus on the scandals about botox and boy toys, but instead include reviews, interviews, commentary, and Madonna’s own reflections that highlight her incredible success," the volume's description on the pre-order page says. "Including a specially designed cover and beautiful, full-color photography throughout, the volume will shed new light on Madonna’s videos, books, tours, fashion, and charity work for her millions of fans around the world."

Thanks to digitalfreaknyc

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Instagram: I just want to rave in the back!
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

I just want to rave in the back! #sorrynotsorry #unapologeticbitch. #skrillyboy #fuckyousaying

Another lecture from Diplo on djbooth etiquette! #sorrynotsorry #unapologeticbitch #diplotic

Thu, September 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Hey Mr. DJs
Live from NYCMadonna was spotted at the afterparty for the Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer collection at the New York Fashion Week last night.
Jeremy - who has collaborated with Madonna in a series of different projects and tour costumes - posted this pic on his Instagram with the " STRIKE A POSE @madonna" caption.

Diplo and Skrillex were also with Madonna behind the decks at Space Ibiza last night, check out and the NewYorkObserver for some pics.

Thu, September 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Today I had to ride an elephant!
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

Today i had to ride an elephant! #werkbitch #bitchimmadonna

Thu, September 11 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Exhibitions: Madonna New York 80's
Live From ItalyThe Ono Arte Contemporanea gallery in the beautiful city of Bologna in Northern Italy will host "Madonna New York 80's", an exhibition of 40 images shot by Deborah Feingold which include her iconic Madonna portraits, as well as images from her upcoming music book.

MadonnaTribe had the chance to talk to Deborah Feingold a few years ago - in her exclusive interview the multi talented photographer went back on memory lane to the day she met Madonna for her "Star Hits" photoshoot.

Click here to check it out again from the MadonnaTribe Interview Collection.

The exhibition opens on September 18 and runs though October 31. For further info:

Madonna New York 80's Deborah Feingold
Ono Arte Contemporanea
Via Santa Margherita, 10 Bologna Italy
tel/fax +39 051.262465
Tue-Sat: 10-13 - 15-21.30 | Sun: 16-21
Free Entrance
Wed, September 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Exhibitions)
Instagram: I Am Here For
M IllustratedAlicia Keys shouts back at her friends who supported her #WeAreHere project on Instagram with this pic collecting images posted by Queen Latifah, Jessy Tyler, Jimmy Fallon, LaLa and Madonna

Thank you to all my friends for your love and for sharing your purpose!!! #wearehere!

Wed, September 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: #WeAreHere
New AlbumAnother busy night for Madonna in the studio witnessed through her Instagram posts.
This time she's not only joked about what goes on beyond the scenes - including Diplo trying to bounce on the session hidden under his jacket - she also made a strong hint to another album collaboration.

#wearehere. Alicia Killin it on my record....,,,,.,..,,#livingforlove Madonna wrote on her Instagram, tagging the image below with Diplo, Alicia Keys (who's new manager is Madonna's longtime business partner Guy Oseary) and herself.

In the picture Madonna is also holding the "I am here for" board to support Key's #WeAreHere project, and Diplo did the same on his own Instagram, adding a pic of him playing "a sick version of chopsticks" on the piano with Alicia. To learn more about We Are Here, the new song which aims to start a dialogue about how we can create a more peaceful world for all children - check out the video on Alicia's "Facebook page.

(tagged: aliciakeys, diplo, madonna)
Diplo trying to bounce on the session tonight! #wtf

(tagged: guyoseary, diplo, madonna, mertalas)

Making records is not how it used to be! #stillwerking

(tagged: aliciakeys, diplo, madonna)

Wed, September 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Madonna's ''Lets Get Shit Done'' look
New AlbumMadonna doesn't stop teasing fans and having fun joking about her bossy role in the studio - here's her latest Instagram entry (marked with the #bitchimmadonna hashtag):

This is my Lets Get Shit Done" look in the studio today. People are scared. If this doesn't work i have a few other trucks! #bitchimmadonna

Wed, September 10 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Fresh from the Queen's Bakery
New AlbumMadonna is once again using her Instagram to let us know what's she's up to and who's the work on the new album going on.

Here are four fresh updates from last night:

Waiting for Diplo to hurry up!!!!! #nopatience #llivingforlafinishedrecord

These Ho's ain't loyal! #unapologeticbitch

Studio Manicure by Ninja! #unapologeticdj

Diplo werking'!#wakeup

Tue, September 09 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Quotes on Madonna: When Francesca Tolot met Madonna
Time Machine"My first memorable job in Los Angeles was working on a music video with Madonna, which was the beginning of a long collaboration and such a fun and joyful good time."

Make-up artist Francesca Tolot, talking to the British Vogue about memorable moments in a career which include clients such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Kate Moss, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé, alongside long-standing relationships with photographers Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and her husband, Alberto Tolot.


Mon, September 08 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Quotes on Madonna)
Instagram: #lwashalloverme
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

Starfish! #lwashalloverme

Sun, September 07 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: #unapologeticbook
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

All about that nightlife................. #unapologeticbook

Sun, September 07 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Monkeys with money and guns
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

Thank you Tom Waits....,........... #truth

Sat, September 06 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Instagram: Play or be Played
Madonna on InstagramFrom Madonna's Instagram:

Play or be Played..........,. Jeff Koons @thewhitney #unapologeticart

Sat, September 06 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Quotes on Madonna: Madonna the gangster
Live from London"Imagine reinventing yourself like that? It’s so brave. It’s like a snake that sheds its skin all the time. It’s pretty hard to do that. And she’s the nicest woman but really ‘gangster’ with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she grew up in the ’hood. But above all she’s a business woman, 100 percent."

Singer (and Material Girl) Rita Ora, talking with the Evening Standard for the launch of her new sports range at Adidas Originals London in Faubert's Place.

Fri, September 05 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Quotes on Madonna)
Instagram: UnapologticArt
Madonna on InstagramMadonna visited the "Jeff Koons: A Retrospective" exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art (and the Twitter re-post of her Instagram entry didn't come unnoticed to the social media team of the museum).

That kind of day............... real and unreal! #unapologeticart

Fri, September 05 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Martin Kierszenbaum about working with Madonna
New AlbumIn their latest Pop Shop podcast, Billboard's Jason Lipshutz and Keith Caulfiel talk to Martin Kierszenbaum, who discusses a lot of exciting projects including his work on Madonna's hotly anticipated next opus.

Click here or use the player below to listen to Martin talking about his songwriting work with Madonna and Natalia Kills - a lot of cool tidbits starting around the 27' mark.

Thu, September 04 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Instagram: Good things come to those who wait!
Madonna on InstagramIn her latest Instagram post Madonna shares some thoughts and a Game of Thrones themed artwork created by her fan Aldo Diaz:

Good things come to those who wait! I cannot serve a half Baked. Cake!

Thu, September 04 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum! | Instagram)
Madonna's next album not coming this year?
New AlbumHere's an interesting article from

I have an industry source who is skeptical (to say the least) of the speculation that Madonna's about to drop her new album. He tells me:

"It's not coming out this year - if there was to be a 2014 release, sales sheet and other trade information would have already started circulating, unless it was to come out just before Xmas, which is unacceptable in European markets, where she is still a strong seller.

She is not finished yet, so the plan is a spring 2015 release, much likely matched with tour ticket sales opening / announcement.

She has written and demoed several songs with different teams and is still recording the final dozen or so. Then there is mixing, which as usual she monitors in person.

No Madonna album has ever been released without having it mastered and handed to the label 2 months prior to street date, which is the time she usually takes to focus on videos, advance promo, long lead press, photo shoots.

Hence, we would by now have clear evidence of a fall release, if there was to be one. At the same time her strategy is to lead the game and she leaks info herself directly through Instagram, teasing with song titles, small clips, photos and quotes, so she can (try to) control it, but the recent info leak on song titles and detailed contents was absolutely not planned."

Wed, September 03 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)
Madonna in the Vogue Italia 50th Anniversay Issue
MadonnaVogue Italia is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month, and the iconic magazine didn't only bring 50 top models posing together in a single shot by the one and only Steven Meisel on its special cover - it also celebrates those Women who are the Queens of Fashion and for which fashion itself was born and exist.

Models, actresses, artists, socialites, royalty, singers - Icons, in a single word - they are all part on the massive Vogue Italia Archive feature of this highly collectable issue.

Madonna deserved of course her own spot - and MadonnaTribe got in touch with freelance writer Paolo Armelli to ask him what it felt like celebrating the Queen of Pop in this special anniversary.

"It was an honour for me to work with the journalists at Vogue Italia in such a special occasion, the 50th anniversary of the widely and internationally recognized Italian Fashion Bible," Armelli explains.

"Their idea was to collect the female icons that made the history of fashion and style in the last 50 years and who obviously appeared on the magazine.

Madonna was of course one of them, so I asked to write about her. They were so kind to let me do this and I was thrilled to put on paper Madonna's chamaleonic and groundbreaking approach to fashion and fame.

Her pictures taken by Herb Ritts for Vogue Italia in 1990 are pure avant-guard, perfectly representing her stunning approach to style.
This celebrative issue of Vogue Italia is monumental and worth collecting it: a voyage in half a century of glamour, beauty and fashion. In which Madonna was one of the absolute and more recognizable protagonists."

Vogue Italia No. 769 - Sept. 2014 - Anniversary Issue is out now.

Wed, September 03 (Full Article | | Join our New Forum!)

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