Established stars and new talents have stopped by at MadonnaTribe over the years to share with our readers exclusive insights on Madonna projects that have amazed her fans through the years.

The Madonna Tribe team is happy to conduct these interviews to give fans and media members that visit our site, a view on the creation of past and present Madonna projects, but also happy to satisfy our own curiosity of long time Madonna fans since the early 80's by meeting artists with incredible careers that are usually part of what can be called a "Madonna imagery".

With the help of talented remixers, composers, musicians, video directors, dancers, choreographers, stage and light designers, we had the chance to bring our visitors behind the scenes of such incredible projects such as the re-Invention tour, Blond Ambition, The Girlie Show, Drowned World Tour, Evita, Madonna's Children's books, Live 8 and many more.

With the hope and will to bring our readers in 2006 more of these interesting chats, let's give a further look at the series of exclusive interviews MadonnaTribe proudly brought to the Madonna online community in the past months.

MadonnaTribe meets Mihran

MadonnaTribe had the chance to meet Mihran Kirakosyan, the amazing dancer that you've seen on stage with Madonna in the re-Invention tour, the Live8 gig, the "Hung Up" video and the promotional tour for "Confessions On A Dance Floor".
Talking to Mihran we've learnt how this incredibly talented guy has managed to make the impossible happen by working harder and challenging himself every day.
MadonnaTribe meets Bill Bennett

DJ Bill Bennett recently remixed the classic Madonna ballad Frozen to give a special treat to Madonna fans who attend his amazing DJ sets. He is also a Madonna fan that worked hard on his dreams. Talking to Bill we speak about the dance scene, the new Madonna album and also learn about his fight against the problem of drug abuse and how he let "the hurt inside of him die".
MadonnaTribe meets Chus & Ceballos

From the vibe of their Iberican Sound to Madonna's Hung Up, Chus & Ceballos meet MadonnaTribe to talk about their adventure in the music business, their work in the club scene, and producing and remixing the brand new single by the Queen of the Dance Floor.
  MadonnaTribe meets Jamie King

From his first collaboration with Madonna on the set of "Human Nature" to "re-Invention", Jamie King has directed, choreographed and conceptualized videos, tv performances, world tours, helping creating those strong images and unforgettable feelings with which Madonna keeps inspiring us each time. Read what Jamie told MadonnaTribe about his incredible experience working with the Queen of Pop.
MadonnaTribe meets Dago González

MadonnaTribe is proud to present its reader the first interview that director Dago Gonzàlez gives to a Madonna fansite. The talented Dago, who directed the most part of the backdrop videos of the two most recent Madonna tours, including the "Paradise (Not For Me)" and "Bedtime Story" video interludes, will be discussing with us the genesis of these two mini films, considered by many fans as two of Madonna's best videos to date.
MadonnaTribe meets Slam

MadonnaTribe had the chance to get in touch with Slam, the Blond Ambition dancer who shared with us his story, from his early days in his native Belgium, the Vogue video, The Blond Ambition Tour, Truth or Dare and the MTV Awards, to his most recent adventures as an internationally acclaimed performer and award-winning choreographer teaming up with celebrities from all over the world. We hope you will enjoy this exclusive interview in which you'll find out what the Real Slam is like.
MadonnaTribe meets Luis Camacho

Luis Camacho, best known for his work with Madonna, stops by at M-Tribe for a funny talk about his carrer and his work with the Queen of Pop. Luis had influenced Madonna with his Vogue-ing style and choreographies that were used both in the Vogue music video and in Blond Ambition, the tour in which Camacho was one of the leading dancers.
So, don't you stand there, let's get to it, read this interview, there's nothing to it...
MadonnaTribe meets Alex Magno

MadonnaTribe has had the chance to have a long chat with choreographer and dancer Alex Magno about his adventurous life, from his early days in Brazil to the nights spent to create amazing dance routines we saw in the Madonna tours. Alex brings us back to his roots, to let us know how he did happen to know Madonna and to start working with her, and to reveal some great anecdotes about how her Girlie Show and Drowned World tours were created.
  MadonnaTribe meets Bruce Rodgers

Bruce Rodgers was production designer for Madonna and her Drowned World Tour. With his Tribe, inc. he designed spaces that managed to match Madonna artistically, keeping her persona, her music and her performance in mind. This story begings quite a few months ago with a note by Bruce accompanying one of the sketches he sent us: "Madonna is a very special person". Read this interview and you'll know why Bruce is a very special person, too.
MadonnaTribe meets Peter Morse

The MadonnaTribe team has had an interesting chat with Peter Morse, the lighting director of Madonna's Who's That Girl, Blond Ambition, Girlie Show and Drowned World tours, who will be taking our readers behind the scenes of the creative process of those tours with charming anecdotes and amazing photos from his private collection, and also reveals why he didn't do the first and latest Madonna tours.
MadonnaTribe meets Ari Gold

MadonnaTribe has had the pleasure to meet Ari Gold, the boy from the Bronx who has turned himself into a successful pop/R&B singer and a rising music star, that will be sharing with our readers what it feels for a fan.
Ari will be discussing with us how people like Madonna had an influence on the world in which we live in, in this exclusive interview which also premieres his brand new photoshoot, done during Ari's recent European Tour, in charge of Marco Carocari.
MadonnaTribe meets Tim Rice

MadonnaTribe meets Sir Tim Rice, the acclaimed lyricist of "Evita".
Tim will be discussing with us how "Evita" came to life, the Oscar winning song "You Must Love Me", previous titles of the classic number "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", the Alan Parker movie and of course he will be sharing with our readers his thoughts about the Queen of Pop.
MadonnaTribe meets Gardner Cole

MadonnaTribe meets Gardner Cole, co-writer with Peter Rafelson of one of Madonna's classics: Open Your Heart. Gardner gives our readers an insight into the "True Blue" days as we learn many interesting tidbits on how the song came to life.
MadonnaTribe meets Barry Harris

MadonnaTribe had the chance to have another exclusive chat with a prestigious artist that has been working for Madonna getting in touch with DJ Barry Harris on October 2004. Barry has recently found some quality time to give an answer to all the things we wanted to ask him about his works and his career. Here you go!
MadonnaTribe meets Jull Weber

You've seen him dancing with Madonna on stage and in her amazing Don't Tell Me video.
Now Jull Weber - the handsome and everyone's favourite dancer of the Drowned World Tour - comes to MadonnaTribe to share his memories and to give us a glimpse of his incredible career in show business.
MadonnaTribe meets Steven Kilbride

Steven Kilbride
is one of the minds behind the great performance of "Into The Groove" in Madonna's re-Invention Tour. Stevie takes us into the exciting creative process of this performance and shares for the first time with our readers his fondest memories of the most talked about tour 2004.
MadonnaTribe meets Mac Quayle

Musician, sound engineer and remixer/producer, the name of Mac Quayle is tied to some of the most popular Madonna dancefloor anthems and to many more dance hits by artists from all over the world.
MadonnaTribe met Mac and asked him to shows us a glimpse of his world and of his work with the Queen of Pop.
MadonnaTribe meets Dustin Robertson aka Aviddiva

Like a sort of Lewis Carroll's white rabbit, Dustin Robertson, editor of many Madonna music videos and creator of the acclaimed "Hollywood" and "Nobody Knows Me" Aviddiva remixed videos, takes MadonnaTribers through a journey behind the scenes of the Madonna videos he worked on and reveals, among other things, how the Queen of pop got into trouble with her "Hollywood" music video, various anecdotes from the sets of the "Human Nature" and "Power of Good-bye" videos and the naked truth about the "Me Against The Music" video with Britney Spears.
MadonnaTribe meets Donna De Lory

Donna De Lory is much more than Madonna's longtime back singer. She's a talented singer and author, and an incredible friend to all her fans. Donna performed a series of solo shows and attended a few in-store signings during her days off along the Re-Invention Tour last summer.
Everyone who met her was enchanted, and Paolo and Mario from MadonnaTribe were two of those lucky fans.
MadonnaTribe meets Rocky Roeger and Kelly Stewart

Bags and pipes start playing, and one of the most surprising moments of the Re-Invention Tour begins. MadonnaTribe spoke to Rocky Roeger and Kelly Stewart from USA Kilts and learned how even the traditional scottish kilt got it's very own Re-invention.
MadonnaTribe meets Victor Calderone

He's a star among today's music producers and remixers, creating an incredible number of club hits and remixes for loads of major artists. MadonnaTribe chats with the one and only Victor Calderone about his work, his music and working with the one and only Queen of Pop.
Interview with Peter Rauhofer

When superstar dee-jay Peter Rauhofer visited Russia in May 2004 to play his dj set at a local club Gaudi - he was also interviewed by Dj Sasha for radio "Monte-Carlo 102.1 FM". Journalist Denis Zaharov, a very big fan of Madonna, had also the chance to ask seven questions to Peter about his work with the Queen of Pop. Thanks to our correspondent from Russia Pasha MadonnaTribe can offer its readers a transcript of the interview.
MadonnaTribe meets Ralphi Rosario

World famous artist Ralphi Rosario talks about his music, his remixes, the Madonna tunes you know he worked on ... and some you don't know (yet). Read how his remixes of Love Profusion we all love were born and discover that Love Profusion was not his first Madonna song he was asked to work on...
MadonnaTribe meets Jackie Christie

In 2003 she's been making the transition from DJ to studio Producer and Remixer with "Nothing Fails".
Here's DJ Jackie Christie talking about her style, her projects and Madonna, opening MadonnaTribe's collection of exclusive interviews.

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